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Standard Platforms

Over the years, the ETG team has developed bespoke, customer-specific and highly productive automation assembly and testing systems globally.

We have built our reputation on cutting-edge, state of the art, standardised automation platforms, which guarantee efficient project completion and enable customers to quickly modify their production in-line with market changes or demand.

This ensures a managed return on capital investment, which is possible due to their unique design, modularity, high degree of flexibility and precision.

ETG PLC have standard Automation Platforms for:

  • Welding
  • Riveting
  • Bushing and Pressing


During automated assembly, there are often requirements to join two or more parts using a type of welding technology. The type of welding used hinges on the part’s material, joint strength, leak tight requirements, and multiple other factors.

ETG has extensive experience with several welding processes including ultrasonic, resistance and laser. In all cases, we design and develop the process to account for part shape, joint definition, fixturing and environment. Welding operations have been successfully delivered on a wide range of automation platforms.

ETG standard
ETG brushing pressing

Please contact the ETG team to discuss your requirements.

Bushing and Pressing

Here at ETG, we are experienced in several types of presses, each with their unique capabilities. Typical assembly presses include:

  • Pneumatic
  • Air Over Oil
  • Servo

Each of these presses has different force ranges and control capabilities, so the best choice must be selected to suit the pressing process requirements. Servo presses, for instance, offer the most control capability including variable speed, force feedback and press signature analysis for greater quality control.

By comparison, pneumatic presses would need to be equipped with displacement measurement devices and force transducers to provide a level of control feedback but would not typically have the same force capability or process control as a servo press.


ETG has all of the experience and know-how to successfully develop efficient and riveting solutions of an exceptionally high quality. Out technical engineers look into every aspect of the specification and process and determine which technology is best suited to our customers’ production requirements.

Our engineers and production experts offer our riveting machines by adapting them to the required process and the component requirements.

ETG testing machine