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Coventry’s Rich Manufacturing Heritage

ETG is headquartered in Coventry, which is the birthplace and beating heart of the British automotive industry.

Since Daimler made the first car in 1897, over 50 vehicle manufacturers have established production bases in Coventry between the start of the 20th century and the 1930s with names such as Jaguar, Armstrong Siddeley, Alvis, Hillman, Chrysler, Triumph, Singer, Humber, Lanchester and Rover, among many others.

Coventry was also home to some of the largest machine tool companies in the UK at the time with companies such as Wickmans, Webster and Bennett, Matrix Churchill, Alfred Herbert, forming the largest concentration of machine tool manufacturers in Europe.


Coventry rose from the ruins of the devasting blitz in 1940, which destroyed much of the city centre. After it rebuilt itself in the 1950s and 1960s, Coventry helped the UK to become the second-biggest carmaker in the world with major companies based in and or around the city, including the British Motor Corporation (maker of the Mini), Jaguar and Rootes Group, which later became part of Chrysler and then Peugeot.

Despite the difficulties during the industry downturn in the 1970s and 1980s, Coventry maintained its position as a critical industry hub of the UK with factories for Jaguar Cars, London Taxi Company, Peugeot, BMW, and many more based in and around the city. Coventry also built the largest in-house museum of British-made road transport.

Opened in 1908, the Coventry Transport Museum exhibits more than 540 cars, commercial vehicles, motorbikes and bikes, notably Thrust2 and ThrustSSC, the British jet cars which broke the land speed record in 1983 and 1997, respectively.

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ETG’s Proud Achievements

Since the start of 21st century, Coventry has gradually emerged as a research and development centre of UK’s automotive industry, which is marked by the opening of National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC) in 2019.

With a strong skill base, leading R&D capability, and close industry-academia collaboration, Coventry today is not only home to the largest of automotive industry cluster in the UK but also a centre of leading innovation of low-carbon technologies, data and vision intelligent in the age of Industry 4.0 and beyond.

ETG’s is proud to have it’s headquarters in Coventry that has such a rich vein of history steeped in industry that will deliver the future of manufacturing for the Global marketplace.