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Simultaneous Engineering

Whether developing new products into existing products, conducting technical and commercial studies for start-ups, or exploring our board engineering skills across multiple applications and industries.

Offering complete customisation of SE deliverables, any new or existing customer can achieve early technical feasibility or rapid facility visualisation through to full industrialisation and technical data packs.


Process Engineering

Every client needs a bespoke solution to their production needs, from low-volume machines through to high-volume fully automated production facilities. Regardless of the size and complexity of the facility, ETG process engineers use their knowledge to develop processes to enhance efficiency and reduce waste. We produce micro-second accurate process cyclegrams and can provide documentation to suit the engineering or operational needs of the customer.

ETG simultaneous engineering
ETG simultaneous engineering

Reliability & Maintainability (R&M)

Offering commodity performance and automation optimisation coaching from our comprehensive historical data capture libraries, OEE and technical availability targets and MES reporting characteristics can be aligned to preferred operating parameters. FMEA, environmental and life-cycle cost analysis can all be explored during early SE.

Mechanical Design

Significant capacity with core software of Catia V5/V6 and SolidWorks, early concepts of machine, line or product assembly solutions, utilisation and application suitability of ETG Standard Products including specialist End of Line test solutions, location and workpiece holding strategy studies, product design feasibility collaboration, DFMEA, FEA, Design Risk Assessment and ergonomic simulations can be worked through. Customer naming, numbering, file structure, design library, commodity specifications can all be established during SE.

ETG mechanical design

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ETG design for manufacturing


Design for Manufacture

ETG’s Design and Process engineers work side by side with the client’s product design and engineering teams in order to facilitate effective DFM principles. Using our experience, we can suggest modifications to product designs which can reduce individual part costs, concept-to-production timescales as well as waste.

Design for Assembly

Similar to DFM, ETG will work with our clients in assessing design for assembly requirements. This could be from a ground-up approach or a change to an existing product line where our expertise can be used to propose material selection, novel joining techniques, error proofing measures, and more, to assist in the requirements of the product design whilst simultaneously considering the long term manufacturability for the client.

ETG design for assembly
industrial automation technology

Facilities & Layout Design

Using AutoCAD and FactoryCAD software, existing customer facilities can be imported and matured simultaneously with ETG’s line or factory solutions. Alongside precisely scaled 3D and 2D representations, site and service feasibility, inspection and reverse engineering will be captured for downstream installation efficiency and accuracy.


Robot Simulation

When robotics form part of our client’s facility solution, it is important to simulate this virtually before any installations take place. ETG uses Siemens Process Simulate to virtually simulate the requirements for robots and automated tooling. This gives the client an early understanding of the facility and is used to accurately assess the throughput of facility. It’s a critical part of streamlining and expediting robot programming on-site. Meaning faster commissioning times and factories producing parts earlier.

factory simulation ETG

Factory Simulation

Virtual factory simulations are critical when working with space constraints and larger facilities. ETG uses Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software to create Discrete Event Simulations (DES) of the facilities that we work on. Statistical modelling and material/process flow can then be simulated to highlight opportunities for further layout and machine efficiencies. These studies can give our clients confidence in a virtual representation of their facilities before committing to physical changes to their current set-up.

Joining Engineering

New technology introductions, R&D testing, customer joining standards, quality testing procedure and training, product G, D & T requirements, parameter and commodity specifications, cycle time synthetics and joining distortion simulations can all be confirmed with ETG’s engineering team. This covers laser and ultrasonic and all other fusion technologies, all conventional automotive applications, bonding and curing, powertrain precision, and much more.

ETG joining engineering

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Controls Engineering

In Controls Engineering, Customer reporting, hardware preferences, automation commissioning profiles, live and remote condition-based monitoring and aftersales optimisation requirements, design standards, facility service and consumption requirements and overall system architecture can be established into the industrialisation digital blueprints during SE.

console engineering ETG