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Preventative Maintenance Schedules

At ETG, our Reliability & Maintainability team uses a number of tools to ensure the smooth launch of a project or introduction of new equipment into an existing production line and the continued equipment availability.

Our aim is to prevent unplanned downtime and increase productivity through the use of historical data, lessons learnt, MFMEA, PFMEA, RGPs and Planned Preventative maintenance schedules.

  • Historical Data Collection:
    Together with the equipment manufacturer, the EXTA Engineering team will determine the root cause of major failures or equipment, which is not achieving the technical availability target. The result of this analysis will be carried over to a Reliability Growth Plan.
  • RGP:
    The outcome of a reliability growth plan could result in design changes, material changes, processes or procedure changes where the aim is to identify the root cause, implement corrective actions, test and monitor and ultimately improve reliability.
  • FMEA:
    ETG’s focus is on continuous improvement, FMEA is used through Design, Process & Machinery. Understanding occurrence, severity and detection of potential failures at the earliest possible opportunity to reduce or eliminate risk, starting with the ones of highest priority.
  • TPM:
    Total preventative maintenance plan is a data-driven process, which is critical to prevent unplanned downtime. The PM tasks and intervals are determined by identifying critical components and their dominant failure modes as historical data analysis and failure modes as well as effects analysis for Machinery and Process that have been previously identified.
  • Life Cycle Costs:
    LCCs is a decision-making tool developed at the earliest opportunity using process data to determine a cost-effective route. Taking into account any changes throughout the installation and commissioning phases, the LCCs are brought in line with the actual online content to show the total cost of ownership over a 10 year period.
ETG after sales preventative

ETG specialises in advanced automation assembly, which covers a wide range of bespoke automated services. We develop integrated machinery and lines, individually designed to best suit out clients.

For more information contact our experienced team.
ETG after sales and service

Service Contracts

Many of ETG’s more sizable customers have their own dedicated maintenance departments who look after each project following the final handover. However, many of our customers prefer to outsource the maintenance and servicing of the delivered equipment to ourselves.

Either way, we view each of our customers as a long-term business partner and support them wherever needed.

As such, we strive to offer an aftersales service that involves as much or as little support as the customer requires. This can include:

  • Periodic site visits to check the delivered project
  • Planned and preventative maintenance
  • Software updates
  • Equipment checks
  • 24/7 callout for breakdowns
  • Remote diagnostics via internet connection
  • Use of data logging and downtime monitoring systems to predict failure

ETG will tailor the maintenance and aftersales service to suit each customer!

Contract Metrology

ETG can provide our customers with off-site inspection resource anywhere in the UK, our experienced engineers are professional and have all the required equipment needed to carry out any type of request and are equipped with the latest high-quality software and hardware:

  • FARO Laser Trackers x3
  • FARO Arm x3
  • FARO Scanner
  • Verisurf Software

Our engineers are based out of our HQ in Coventry and our facility in Sunderland.

ETG after sales and service contract
ETG spares packages

Spares Packages

As part of ETG’s sales process, we would always suggest any critical spare items applicable to each specific project. This will speed up the process and predict potential breakdown activities by ensuring that the customer always has the necessary spare item onsite already.

When additional replacement parts are required, our aftersales team can provide competitive prices along with item lead times, ensuring prompt delivery of any spare items required.