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Modular Building

Modular buildings are the future.

When you decide to go modular and hire our team for the job, you will get all of the benefits of traditional construction at a fraction of the price and much better lead times. Find out more about our approach to modular buildings by reading below.


We have all of the in-house capabilities to generate the most efficient factory based manufacturing process for all elements of modular built accommodation that’s a great choice for many different sectors.

Working alongside the architectural design teams in a simultaneous engineering approach, employing design for manufacture (DFM) and lean principles enables us to generate the optimum manufacturing solution that recognises and employs the appropriate levels of automation at the outset of the program whilst planning and protecting for growth over the program’s lifespan.

ETG modular building manufacture
ETG modular building assembly

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Expert will work alongside the client’s design and architectural teams in order to accurately assess and influence the product at the design stage employing design for manufacture (DFM) and lean principles. This way, Expert are able to generate the most efficient factory-based manufacturing process for all elements of modular-built accommodation.

We will further work with the client to develop optimal processes for the on-site construction phase, with specific aims of productionising the on site erection of the modular units, bringing standard operating procedures and the requisite temporary reusable construction tooling into what has formerly been a skilled craftsman-reliant environment.

By engaging early with the design teams and assessing the design-for-assembly readiness of the product, Expert will be able to ensure that the factory-manufactured modules are erected and completed in a cost-effective, quality controlled manner.

Expert will develop an overall industrialisation roadmap that realises the client’s volume forecast proposal. This roadmap will form the basis of an industrialisation strategy, which will see the appropriate levels of process automation applied to the manufacturing facility in line with the volume growth plans of the project and will layer an overall manufacturing solution for each.


In line with the agreed industrialisation roadmap, Expert will define, design, manufacture, install and commision the entire manufacturing facility for the client’s nominated manufacturer.

ETG modular building automation
ETG modular building handling


We’ll develop a flow line concept where product and volumes permit. Input into design to ensure efficient handling provision will be designed and carry through all stages of modular accomodation build.


We’ll introduce effective and flexible automated joining solutions for modular frame assemblies.

modular building joining ETG
modular building ETG


Applying lean priciples to the design of the final assembly solution, we will incorporate flexible automated stations where appropriate. Adopting a phased development and deployment in line with projected programme volume growth is our approach.