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Propulsion & Electrification

The propulsion systems group design process oriented solutions to meet our customers needs. At the heart of all of our solutions is functionality, scalability and modularity.

Our customers have full autonomy to decide which route best serves their investment plans, The propulsion group can help in many different ways:


Please contact the ETG team to discuss your manufacturing requirements.


Our teams have hundreds of years of combined experience in all aspects of large CAPEX project delivery, our experience can be split into three discrete but integrated sections:

Pre-Production Planning

This protects both sides to ensure the deliverable is fit for purpose and represents true value to the customer.

  • Upfront advanced business case planning
  • Grant Funding Applications
  • Engineering Feasibility
  • Concept Engineering Studies
  • Simultaneous Engineering Studies
  • Business Case Development
  • CDM and construction phase planning
  • Process Planning and Operator loading
  • Make Vs Buy studies


Ensuring projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Turnkey Management
  • Engineering from first principals
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Full Gateway Adherence
  • Functionality and Fit For Purpose are at the forefront
  • AGV Vs traditional conveyance


Expert’s solutions must deliver in line with the business case.

  • Takt Times, Cycle times and Volumes
  • Operational Efficiency (OPR / OEE)
  • Associate Utilisation
  • Logistics Lineside Planning

Increasingly we are helping customers develop their journey to volume production from first principals. With Expert’s Flexcell, our inhouse designed, modular and scalable solutions meets customer needs heads on. Our flexible architecture allows processes and applications to be scaled to match volume needs. Critically this allows customers to increase automation in line with volume requirements. You do not need a fully automated solution from day one.

Within the group we have a huge amount of experience in building and running production facilities. This includes E-Motor, Battery and Hydrogen technology assembly lines all the way back to the more traditional engine and axle production lines.


Furthermore our assembly and testing systems teams provide the necessary support to our customers to ensure the glide path to volume production is fully understood to ensure we add value at every stage.

Along with the increasingly stringent demands of the authorities on safety and consumption We are here to help guide you through your project needs.

The propulsion group are rapidly expanding its expertise in the areas of Battery Assembly and test, E-Motor Assembly and Test along with Hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer Assembly and test.

If you have any questions for our experienced team of engineers we would be happy to offer help and support all the way from initial concepts through to volume production, please get in touch through the link below or call:

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Powertrain & Suspension

EV Battery Systems