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Controls Engineering

If you’re looking for the most advanced controls engineering technologies, then you needn’t look any further than Expert Technologies Group (ETG). For customised and turnkey projects, ETG can supply controls engineering solutions. Our team of professionals will cover you every step of the way for an unbeatable complete solution. 

To learn more about our controls engineering services, give us a call on +44 (0247) 6428500 and our team of experts will help you with all of your needs. You can also send us an email at or or fill out our online contact form.  

The Best Controls Engineering Services You Can Get  

Control engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the application of control theory to a variety of design systems. Control engineers construct control systems using a wide range of technologies. Control engineering is founded on mathematical ideas that enable engineers to collect control feedback efficiently. The ideal way to deploy and maintain those systems is often a source of confusion for plant managers. 

For this reason, we’ve made it our goal at ETG to offer the best controls engineering services you can possibly get. Our team of specialists will be there for you every step of the way, from manual assembly methods to fully automated production systems.  

Electrical Design

Electrical design involves the planning and creation of electrical equipment such as electrical components, schematics, lights, power systems, and telecommunications infrastructure. Electrical design software and tools are tailored to electrical controls system designers’ processes. Here at ETG, we have extensive expertise designing electrical systems in 2D and 3D, utilising EPLAN P8 in compliance with end-user needs and standards while adhering to EN60204-1 and EN13849-1. 

We can design CE, EMC, and LV-compliant systems, as well as reverse engineer non-CE systems from other overseas markets. Our electrical controls engineers are well trained and educated in regards to controls engineering, so you can rest assured they can get the job done to the highest standards.  

ETG Electrical Design
ETG Fluid Design

Fluid Design

Here at ETG, we use EPLAN Fluid and Festo FluidDraw to design fluid power systems with pneumatics that comply with EN4414 and hydraulics that comply with EN4413. Due to our years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge, we can create fluid systems that utilise the least amount of energy and consume the least amount of energy.  

We value quality, efficiency, and consistency in our service at ETG. Whatever objective you have in mind, our engineers will make sure you achieve it.


Electrical Assembly

Our team at ETG can provide control system design and development services with their decades of expertise designing robust systems to regulate the manufacturing and operation of complex products. When it comes to electrical assembly, our engineers can take care of the wiring and piping of electrical assembly tools, fittings, and general special-purpose custom machinery. 

Contact the ETG team to discuss your requirements.

ETG Electrical Assembly
ETG Control Panel Manufacture

Control Panel Manufacture

For a range of industries, our team of experienced engineers at ETG have the ability to manufacture high quality customised and series production cabinets. We can meet the client’s requirements for favoured components, layouts, construction processes, as well as bespoke colour finishes. Prior to delivery and integration into any current production systems, all panel systems are completely CE, and EMC certified and carefully tested. 

You can rest assured that our solutions are comprehensive, dependable, secure, and can even be ruggedised as required. 

Virtual Commissioning

Before the manufacturing system is debugged in a production environment, the simulation model offers a virtual environment for a factory automation controls engineer to check programmable logic controller (PLC) ladder logic and human-machine interface (HMI) files. ETG uses digital virtual commissioning environments in the form of a digital twin to validate the whole automation system and mechanical kinematics. 

Tooling, robots, transfer lines, and other equipment in highly automated production processes are all controlled by PLC programming. PLC code can be debugged before being downloaded to real equipment via virtual commissioning. 

System starting time can be lowered by virtually verifying that automation equipment functions as planned. Virtual commissioning also enables the modelling of tests that, if performed in real life, can cause damage to machinery or danger to employees. Therefore, this method may result in higher software quality and safety. 

Benefits of Virtual Commissioning  

As previously mentioned above, total engineering time and prototype waste are decreased, faults are less expensive to rectify since they are recognised sooner, and software quality is improved, all because of virtual commissioning.  

Moreover, virtual commissioning will also help the end-user understand how the system works and make changes to the requirements before the installation. In addition to that, Manufacturers whose manufacturing systems have a high level of automation complexity may find virtual commissioning particularly useful. 

Finally, with virtual commissioning, production is completed quickly, and within the planned cycle time, there will be no design and development on-site, and PLC, Robot, Safety, and all programmable code are proved. 

ETG virtual commissioning

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ETG installation


When it comes to installation, our team of engineers at ETG can handle electrical installations on customer locations ranging from tiny tailored special-purpose equipment to large-scale manufacturing lines and facilities. In terms of the mechanical and thermal environment, proper cable management and containment techniques, as well as low- and high-level installations, are all conceivable. 

For power and data systems, segregation regulations are followed, as is equipotential bonding for electrical safety and EMC compliance for sensitive systems. 

ETG PLC Software Design & Commissioning

Please contact the ETG team to discuss Controls Engineering.

PLC Software Design & Commissioning

PLC commissioning is a set of tests performed on a PLC control system to confirm that the controller, program, input and output devices, and related wiring meet the design standards. Here at ETG, our engineers have extensive software engineering experience on a range of platforms for both big and small systems. 

We collaborate extensively with our clients to understand their needs in terms of functionality, operation, maintainability, traceability, and high-level monitoring, and then we implement those requirements into the Expert automation solutions. 

For PLC control and HMI visualisations, we can supply solutions for Siemens, Rockwell, and Omron platforms, among others. From the whole functional life-cycle, including specifications, design, virtual commissioning to day-to-day operations, scheduled maintenance, and breakdowns, you can rely on ETG to provide the necessary assistance.


SCADA refers to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and it is a system for monitoring and controlling, as well as data acquisition, as the name suggests. It is commonly used to monitor and manage manufacturing lines and machinery in companies. Here at ETG, for hierarchical control, monitoring, and supervision of plants, ETG can provide SCADA systems. 

SCADA systems are critical for industrial businesses because they assist in maintaining efficiency, process data to make better choices, and notify system faults to save downtime. It can be used in integration with MES systems for production scheduling, construction plans, and other purposes, as well as visualisation on big plant displays and cloud-based services for production monitoring and maintenance. 

ETG PLC Software Design & Commissioning

Please contact the ETG team to discuss Controls Engineering.

Robot Programming

Robot programming is the process of programming a robot’s PC/SBC/microcontroller/PLC to complete a specified task utilising actuators and feedback from various sensors. ETG has extensive expertise integrating industrial, collaborative (CoBot), and Scara robotic systems. ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Kuka, and Universal Robots, in particular.  

Robot programming services are available for all industries and applications, including material handling, gluing, bolting, riveting, welding, general assembly, and more.


Swift Delivery  

Control systems automation is a necessity in current technology since they are present everywhere and are invisible to the naked eye. Without our knowledge, these control systems keep operations functioning smoothly in the background.  

ETG is here to make sure everything operates well at all times. It is for this reason that we deliver swift delivery for any of our controls engineering services that you require.  

All Programmable Code  

A PLC, or what is known as a programmable logic controller, is a ruggedised and modified industrial computer used to operate production operations such as assembly lines, machinery, robotic devices, or any activity requiring high dependability. PLCs are extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures, cold, dust, and moisture. Because their programming language is simple to understand, they can be programmed quickly. 

However, here at ETG, our engineers are experts when it comes to PLCs and other programming needed in controls engineering. Regardless of your controls engineering needs, you can depend on our engineers to carry out the best work possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Controls Engineering  

Our controls engineering branch at ETG employs only the most competent control system engineers. As a result, in order to be qualified for the work and position, our engineers must satisfy specific requirements. Every engineer that applies to ETG goes through a comprehensive recruiting procedure, and we ensure to evaluate these engineers on the desirable competencies needed.  

This guarantees that we are only providing you with the finest controls engineering services available. Our more than 50 years of expertise has allowed us to work on innumerable projects and provide controls engineering solutions to hundreds of clients. Because we have created such a trustworthy connection with all of our worldwide clients, we have been able to expand our global services. 

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After you’ve read what we can do for you here at ETG, you can see for yourself why we are considered the number one company for manufacturing innovative technical solutions, especially in the area of controls engineering.  

For more information regarding controls engineering and what ETG can do for you, get in touch with our team by giving us a call on +44 (0247) 6428500. Alternatively, you can send us an email with all of your questions to or or fill out our online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.