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What’s Automation System?

If you are looking into automating your assembly line to make it more efficient, you will no doubt be wondering what, exactly, an automation system actually is and what it entails. An automation system uses a combination of both software and hardware, and these are designed to work automatically, without the need for a human operator to provide input or instruction for the operation.

These types of automated systems are used in a variety of applications, including assembly lines in factories. There are many reasons as to why businesses are incorporating automated systems in their assembly lines, such as automated systems eliminating human error in the operation. Automation systems also improve the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

Overall, automation systems will save on labour, time, and cost while increasing the accuracy and precision of the operation being carried out. This makes adding automated systems to your operation a great investment, and we can assist with this at Expert Technologies Group.

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What Is a Special Purpose Machinery?

Special purpose machinery is machinery that has been built to carry out a specific purpose in your operations. Special purpose machinery is high-tech machinery that is used in the process of manufacturing fast moving consumer goods.

Here at Expert Technologies Group, we can design and build various special purpose machinery, from single and multiple robotics to rotary index systems and assembly lines. These systems will increase your productivity, eliminate human error, and speed the entire process up.

For assembly lines, you can implement robotic automation systems, wither single or multiple. To transport between assembly and test stations, you can implement rotary index systems, either synchronous or asynchronous with a servo motor or fixed speed motor.

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How Automation Systems Works

An automation system is a system made up of sensors, controls, and actuators which are designed to perform a specific function with minimal or zero human intervention. These automation systems can be used for a variety of applications, including on assembly lines in factories.

With an automated production line, there will be a series of workstations linked by a transfer system and an electrical control system. Each station in this production line will perform a specific task for the operation, and the product will be progressed up the production line and through each workstation. This will be carried out in a pre-defined sequence, culminating in a finished product.

Essentially, with an automated system such as an assembly line, the raw materials will be fed into the automated system and fed through the production line. At each workstation a specific operation will be carried out before the product is transferred to the next station. By the end of the production line, the final product will be created.

A fully automated system will require no human intervention, as each workstation in the production line is specifically set up for a certain operation. The operation is completed via mechanical equipment and automated systems.

However, with all automated systems, some human operation will be required, such as calibrating the system, monitoring the operation, and any adjustments needed.

How Can Automation Systems Help Production Lines?

You will find that there are many ways in which automation systems can help production lines, as there are many benefits to automation systems for assembly lines. One such way in which automation systems can help production lines is by eliminating human error in the process.

It is only natural that human error will come into play when the production line is made up of human at each workstation, and this can lead to faulty products being made. With an automated system operating your assembly line, human error is eliminated, ensuring every product made is correct and precise.

In eliminating human error, you are helping to keep your costs down, as you won’t have costs associated with faulty products and re-making products. This can also increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire operation, which not only helps to keep costs down but can also increase profit.

Overall, automation systems can help production lines with:

Lower operating costs

Improved worker safety

Reduced lead times

Eliminating human error

Increased production

And more

what's automation system

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Hopefully after reading through the above information, you will be much more aware of what automation systems are, how these automation systems work, which applications they are used for, and how they can improve your operations.

If you have read through the above information and wish to enquire about investing in automation systems for your own operation, you need look no further than Expert Technologies Group, as we are the premier team for all automation systems. We can design and build a variety of automation systems of the highest quality, all designed to your exact specifications, so get in touch to check out our engineering services for your business.

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