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Product Planning and Development

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Please contact the ETG team to discuss your automotive requirements.

Similar to Design For Manufacture, ETG will help you assess your design for assembly requirements. This could be from a ground-up approach or a change to an existing product line where our expertise can be used to propose material selection, novel joining techniques, error proofing measures, and more, to assist in the requirements of the product design whilst simultaneously considering the long term manufacturability for the client.

We are proactively engaging in the development of solutions to the projected problems the industry is likely to face. We have built strong relationships with HVM Catapult centres across the UK and are working collaboratively in support of national centres of excellence.

By partnering in multiple funded as well as collaborative and commercial research projects, we can support cross-industry and academic research projects in wide-ranging topics including material light-weighting, joining and electrification. We are looking into various areas of industrialisation of lower TRL research outputs from Universities and industrial research organisations and providing support to existing customer requirements.