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The heartbeat of an engine, Expert’s range of automated powertrain solutions as well as testing capability means that you can be assured with our expertise we will deliver exactly to the customers’ product deliverables.

Whatever your requirements are, Expert has a solution.

Over the years Expert has provided the leading automotive manufacturers with engine and powertrain assembly equipment.

Our Equipment Includes:

  • Complete hub-to-knuckle and bearing insertion machines
  • Drive shaft assembly machines
  • Brake Caliper Assembly Systems
  • Front axle assembly lines
  • Rear axle assembly lines
  • Lower control arm assembly machines
  • Steering rack assembly machines
  • Gearbox assembly systems
  • Differential/eLSD Assembly Lines
  • EV Motor Assembly Systems
  • Engine assembly systems
  • Engine dress facilities

Our areas of experience covers:

industrial automation technology

Corner Assembly Lines

Expert has advanced experience using latest technology for Corner Assembly processes. Each automated assembly is verified under controlled conditions for correct build and performance. Expert can provide conceptual designs to full SE studies, including complete PFMEA assessment, PLC Control/Data management and product/raw material handling strategies. Typical assembly of the following component:

  • Knuckle and Hub & Bearing Assembly
  • Lateral Lower Control Arm
  • Forward Lower Control Arm
  • Wheel Speed Sensor
  • Brake Dirt Shield
  • Brake Disc
  • Brake Calliper & Pads
  • Halfshaft

Hub & Knuckle Assy

Expert offer a standard standalone system for the automatic insertion of Bushes & Circlips into the Hub & Knuckles, each under controlled Force and Distance ranging up to maximum Pressing Force of 200kN.  The system is designed to be housed on a single base/raft, including the controls cabinet. This will ensure an easier and quicker on-site installation.

The systems are designed for maximum efficiency and increased output, typically processing 30 complete vehicle sets per hour (1 set = 1 x LH knuckle, 1 x RH knuckle)

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Engine Assembly

Expert has extensive experience in designing & installing applications for the assembly of engines in the automotive field.

The key to engine assembly launch success starts with product knowledge and engaging with the customers’ needs at the earliest opportunity. By having a team of engine assembly specialists, we are well positioned to meet your needs. Early Simultaneous Engineering activities and proof of concept allows us the influence to ensure where capital investment is best placed.

Looking for a partner not just a supplier? We are your complete engine assembly and test solution. Expert have an established history for assembly and test of the entire range of commercial/heavy duty engines and transmissions.

industrial automation technology


Expert EOL Testing for Transmission Assemblies and Components:

Supplied either as a stand-alone test machine or within a turnkey assemble and test system, Expert supplies “State-of-the-Art” End-of-Line (EOL) test systems for transmission assemblies.

Assemblies tested are:

  • Axles
  • Power Take off Units (PTUs)
  • E-drives/axles
  • Transfer cases
  • Manual transmissions
  • Transmission sub-assemblies

It is normal for all of these types of assembly to pass through an EOL test stand that validates the quality of its NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) characteristics and checks the functionality of other integrated features such as traction control, disconnect devices and sensors.

industrial automation technology

Our core objective is to supply standard machines that have a low noise-floor, will produce clear objective NVH data which is free of machine generated resonances and operate reliably (without drift) over the long-term.  The only elements of our machines that normally change are specific customer interfaces/part touching details.

To baseline our machine performance, we can invite customers to send us sample axles for NVH testing in our demonstration machine.  This is essentially a try-before-you-buy offer so that all stakeholders in a new product launch have the confidence that the EOL test stand will deliver the expected performance from day one.

ETG optimisation throughout each phase

Experts Values:

  • Complete Turnkey provider (From initial concept to installation)
  • Optimisation throughout each phase; Process Flow, Line Balancing, Manning Requirements, Cycle Gram Studies, PFMEA Analysis, Control Strategy, Ergonomic designs
  • Simulation – Conceptional, Layout, Process Flow
  • Plant & Facilities design consultation
  • Effective Visual Management
  • Future Proof Strategy for volume growth/expansion, product change
  • Improved quality through use of RFID, BC scanning, smart pick bins, IPV, defect tracking/diagnostics monitoring and alarm notification.

Typical Operations:

  • Tightening systems
  • Leak Testing
  • Marking/Labelling Stations
  • Weighing Stations
  • TorqueToRotate(TTR)
  • In-process verification (IPV)
  • Piston Assembly-Piston Insertion
  • Fuel Line Assembly
  • Balancing
  • Cylinder Valve-Collet assembly
  • Induction heating/Shrinking
  • Pressing (Electro-servo/Hyd/Air-Oil)
  • Shim Prediction/Verification
  • Guaging/Measuement/Inspection Stations
  • Dynamic Backlash,Dynamic Preload Stations
  • Manipulators/Re-orientate stations
  • Sealant application
  • Palletising