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Modern Construction Techniques

Are you looking to go modular? Then give ETG a call now to take full advantage of our experience with modern construction techniques and processes. Modular buildings are the future, and we’re here to get you set up to provide this service moving forward. From manufacture to assembly, we have all the in-house capabilities to create the most efficient factory-based manufacturing process for all modular elements. To find out more, you need only call our team on 02476 428 500. 

Your Go-To Modular Construction Experts 

Modular construction is becoming more and more commonplace nowadays, and the reason is simple. With this approach, you get the same, if not superior, results compared to traditional construction. And the entire process takes a fraction of the time, causes less disruption, is less impactful on the environment, and introduces a whole world of customisation. At ETGwe help create the various processes that let you employ modern construction techniques. 

If you’re looking to start building modular housing or any other type of modular structure, we’ll help you get set up in no time. Continue reading to learn more about how we help with each area. 

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The Various Stages of Employing Modern Construction Techniques 

At ETGwe cover the five stages of modular construction, which are as follows: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Assembly 
  • Automation 
  • Handling 
  • Joining 


As stated above, we have the capabilities to provide the most efficient factory-based manufacturing process. We can set you up to employ modern construction techniques to cover all elements of modular built accommodation. We work alongside the architectural design teams in a simultaneous approach. We employ Design for Manufacture (DFM) and lean principles to create the optimum manufacturing solution for your business. 

ETG single and multiple robotic automation


Besides manufacturing, we put in place technologies to enable efficient on-site construction processes. Here we pay particular attention to specific aims of productionising the on-site assembly of modular houses and other buildings. We bring standard operating procedures and the requisite temporary, reusable construction tooling into what was once an environment reliant on highly skilled tradesmen. 

Through early engagement and assessment, it’s our intention to ensure the cost-effective, high-quality, and controlled completion of factory-manufactured modules. We also develop an overall industrialisation roadmap. This does plenty, from realising the client’s volume forecast proposal to forming the basis of an industrialisation strategy. 



In line with the established roadmap, we work to define, design, manufacture, install and commission a bespoke manufacturing facility. We’ll do this on behalf of your nominated manufacturer, ensuring the necessary infrastructure is in place to begin modular construction. 



The ETG team will work with you to generate a flow line concept where product and volumes permit. This step is about ensuring correct handling provision is designed and carried through all stages of modular accommodation construction.  



Joining is one of those all-important modern construction techniques. You’ll need to join together modular frame assemblies to create buildings that get progressively larger in size. These joining solutions must be flexible and ideally automated, which is where we come in. 

If you would like to learn more about these stages, click on our modular building page. Alternatively, give ETG a call to speak with a member of our team direct. 

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Would you like to find out more about modern construction techniques? Then give ETG a call today on 02476 428 500 to get started. 

Why Come to ETG if You’re Looking to Build Modular Housing and Other Buildings? 

Here at ETG, we possess a proud history that’s seen our reputation continually grow, and our business go from strength to strength. If your business is looking to make the switch to modular construction or you’re looking to upgrade your capabilities, we can help. We’re an ISO-9001 accredited specialist that excels in the provision of bespoke solutions tailored to our client’s requirements. 

From manufacturing to joining and assembly, we leverage our impressive competencies to provide build-to-print or whole-line services. We also provide invaluable product and process consultancy if this is something you require instead. No matter what your modular construction-related request might be, you’ll always be speaking with someone knowledgeable who strives to understand your needs. 

We employ cutting-edge technologies and processes, ensuring that we deliver solutions that are best-in-class. Not only that, but we can deploy technologies globally and even provide remote support regardless of where a technology is located.