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Medical Product Manufacturing

Welcome to ETG AMT! We are the leading manufacturer of medical device manufacturing, assembly tooling, industrial automation systems, automated assembly, multi-robotic and single cells, in addition to robotic assembly within the UK.  

We have developed to be a very reputable and established engineering and manufacturing supplier to the automotive field of practice. Since being first established in 1970, our prime aim has been to provide the most modern take on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies through our decades of expertise in manufacturing.  

Our team of highly talented and experienced professionals have taken it as their single duty to be committed to building a strong foundation for lasting relationships with our customers. We try to achieve that by seeking and fully understanding what our customers want, and more importantly, need. We aim at maintaining these strong bonds by closely working with all our customers and treating the smallest of our projects just as seriously as our next big project. 

What is Medical Product Manufacturing? 

The medical industry is home to thousands of medical device equipment that are to be used for different specialities and uses. These medical products can include devices such as knee and hip replacements, in addition to diabetic and cardiac care implant devices.  

Our medical manufacturing knows no limit and includes: 

Orthopaedics: Includes reconstructive medical devices like orthobiologicals, spinal implants, arthroscopy, in addition to knee and hip replacements. This particular area of practice requires very specific manufacturing techniques, including rapid manufacturing and metal injection moulding 

Surgical instruments: one of our biggest specialities in medical manufacturing. This includes surgical robots, sutures, and even dilators. 

Diabetic management devices: glucose monitoring medical devices, glucose testing medical strips. 

Other medical manufacturing includes catheters, spinal devices, syringes, IV equipment, blood transfusion equipment, internal fixation devices, and urology devices. 

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Innovated Medical Solutions 

Medical device manufacturing is a vital but scarce element in the healthcare industry. Here at ETG, we have professional engineers who have a wide range of expertise in manufacturing different types of products. For instance, we are able to manufacture surgical devices, personal care products, drug delivery devices, diagnostic equipment, and clinical containers. We also manufacture blood sampling machinery and medical devices like medical curtains and inhalers. 

Even better, our experience doesn’t stop at manufacturing medical devices. We offer our clients medical assembly solutions as well as a range of services such as inspection. To elaborate, we offer high-speed assembly solutions for your high volume orders, laser welding for precision, and automatic device assembly for speed and accuracy.  

We also provide our customers with multiple processes such as cutting, marking, material treatment, and feed. For all our offerings, we have the right assets and resources to get the ball rolling. Our main customers are “Original Equipment Manufacturers” (OEMs) who want us to design medical equipment that can simplify and speed up their processes. OEMs realize that it is more affordable and convenient to outsource this task to a leading manufacturer like us. The hassle and cost are drastically reduced.  

Our amassed experience has taught us that no two projects look alike. Thus, we tailor the model to your needs after understanding your goals and requirements in depth. For that to happen, we will sit frequently together at the initiation phase to better understand the big picture and the details of your project.  

If you need to customise machinery, robotic arms, or control systems for any purpose, we can make it all happen no matter how complex it might be. Extremely complex designs are not impossible: they just take more time! Expect top quality in our outcome thanks to our “no faults forwards” mindset and serious inspection procedure. Even better, we are trained to look out for early issues and prevent them from arising, thus avoiding delays or added costs. 

 Medical Device Assembly 

From picking the appropriate assembly option to meeting the international medical manufacturing standards and handling very intricate parts that are to be integrated, Express AMT has grown as pioneers in the local medical device manufacturing company. Our standards of hygiene and sterility are unmatched and align with international standards.  

Our line solutions for assembly related techniques are a product of years and years of constant development and remodelling processes of numerous automation platforms. Whether the standards followed were in-line or rotary, each and every medical manufacturing machine is built with our own customers’ medical manufacturing needs in mind. 

Our accumulated experience of many years in the medical equipment manufacturing business has helped us develop many different manufacturing platforms. We strongly emphasise on achieving a very particular level of standards, and that allows us to give more attention to the manufacturing process, and in turn, reduce the time it takes for our products to reach the market. 

When it comes to manufacturing processes related to the medical field, it is vital for us to acknowledge that in the medical field, there is no room for error. So, it is very important to approach medical equipment manufacturing with accuracy and precision. Our team at ETG are specialised in providing a wide range of high standard medical equipment manufacturing services. 

Through the process of making sure our products are up to standards, we will accompany you through Concept Stimulation, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Proof of Principle, Process Validation, and Site Acceptance Test (SAT). Whether your needs are better aligned with a whole production line or a single machine, we are the manufacturers you want to be helping you. Your excellent outcomes in medical device assembly are guaranteed with the help of our team at ETG AMT. 

Over our many years in the medical equipment manufacturing business, we have served hundreds of clients with special regard to each and every one of their needs. Our medical manufacturing options are best fit for all your manufacturing needs. When you work with ETG AMT, you would be benefiting from a set of pre-designed product cells and process modules. 

We value our standards of practice, and we aim at keeping them consistent for all kinds of projects, no matter how big or small. When working with ETG, rest assured that a very keen eye is keeping track of the process every step of the way. 

Medical Device Production 

Here at ETG AMT, our specialty lies in manufacturing medical equipment and any other devices for businesses whether they be medical or automotive. If you are looking for a business that can manufacture medical devices, look no further than us. We are the perfect manufacturers for supplying healthcare clinics and hospitals. 


We also provide invaluable consultations throughout your development stage. We are experienced in working with a variety of Blue Chip affiliated companies in addition to second-tier establishments to supply their demand as their go-to medical device manufacturer company. 

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Medical Product Automation 

Designing and implementing tailored solutions for your needs is at the core of what we do. At ETG AMT, we have cross-functional teams able to deliver a fully integrated engineering solution. We can do what we promise thanks to our amassed expertise and our automated systems that make all this happen.  

Our automated systems include single and multiple robotics automation systems, palletised indexing systems, and palletised and indexing conveyors. These systems allow us to manufacture in volumes for clients who demand mass production. We are able to implement all your orders in no time. 

Our robotic automation systems are used for welding painting, assembly, pick and place, packaging and labelling, and product testing and inspection. Such robotic arms ensure high precision without compromising speed. We own these systems to make sure our clients are fully satisfied, and they face no risk of delays. Automation systems in the era of digitisation are the bare minimum.  

Palletised and indexing systems are ideal for complex high-part devices that need careful assembly. They are needed in high-speed systems or medium-paced processes requiring extra attention or maintenance. We even use Vision in our machines to fully automate them with the necessary control and feedback loop put in place. These advanced vision designs improve the system’s capability to its full potential. 

 Medical Product Manufacturer 

ETG AMT has accumulated over half a century of experience in the medical manufacturing industry. Our reputation precedes us, and we’re the leading manufacturers of medical devices in the UK and abroad. Many new customers have been recommended by their associates since we’re a highly revered engineering firm. We’ll have no trouble customising any medical device you need for your applications. 

At an early stage, a project manager will be assigned to oversee your product development from initiation to closure. Our seasoned managers will ensure that our team is maintaining the utmost standards while guaranteeing that all your specifications and requirements are met. Medical manufacturing requires extreme precision, which our machines are able to achieve. The quality and safety of our devices are our main priorities. 

We update you on every milestone throughout initiation and implementation so that we are all aligned on the project scope and outcome. Once the devices are ready to be shipped, we will quickly coordinate the shipment and send them to you, the sooner the better. 

At ETG AMT, we have many recurring and one-time projects in the field of medical manufacturing. Don’t worry if you need to order shipments years after their completion: we’re here to support you in your every move. As the number one manufacturers in the region, we can meet all your specifications, whether complex or simple. Even better, we can handle big and small orders, and we’ll ensure they remain intact and in their best condition when shipped. 

 How the Medical Devices Industry Is Handling the Technological Evolution. 

Our digital era, also known as industry 4.0, has taken the leap in technological innovation. Commercial use of digitisation has led to wide adoption of computers, smartphones, and the internet of things. With every passing year, algorithms are becoming smarter, vision systems more accurate, and robots more intricate. We witnessed how technological innovation has disrupted how things are done, and it surely needs to be adopted in many enterprises. 

Small and medium enterprises and even big corporate companies have acknowledged the importance of adopting technology in the workplace. Technology has two endless roles, and they are: boosting customer-related products and services and replacing repetitive human work with that of a flawless machine. This way, humans have more time and resources at hand to innovate. 

Transparency in the manufacturing workplace can be easily achieved when the labour force utilises smartphones effectively instead of using them for leisure. With digitisation, employers can track real-time processes, complete administrative operations without the use of papers, and let all the staff clearly analyse performance metrics. In the end, digitisation is inevitable, and we should all embrace it. In the future, all the staff can be integrated into digital systems called MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This way, each employee and manager can add value to their routine by spotting inefficiencies and keeping the work progress tracked and the tasks organised. 

As for medical device manufacturers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to technological evolution. The healthcare industry took leaps in parallel to current fast-paced technological advancements. For example, Apple disruptively added the ECG monitoring functions to its top-on-the-line product, the Apple Watch. Also, a popular audio equipment manufacturer is developing devices that can enhance the hearing abilities of disabled people.  

Innovative solutions are continually being released in the medical industry and will continue to dazzle even the brightest of minds.  

What Are the Norms of Good Manufacturing Practices? 

There are some norms that only experienced firms can maintain and explain to you as a potential client. Let us guide you through the terminology if you’re not familiar with the technical jargon. Manufacturing firms in the healthcare industry must meet certain criteria and follow a certain system. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system that respectable manufacturing companies abide by.  

GMP ensures that all medical devices are produced with consistent quality and high standards. There is no room for errors. Poor quality devices are not only a waste of money for us, but they also bring health hazards if released to the public. That’s why you need to be dealing with a trusted firm with years of experience like ours before you outsource your manufacturing challenge. However, this is not enough as you will see. 

Nowadays, technological development is advancing at a rate faster than what our minds can comprehend. The system of current GMPs, called the CGMP, is as important to manufacturers as it is to the healthcare industry. When we take on big projects, we imply to the public that we are sure of our abilities and standards.

No company can take on complex projects in the healthcare industry with high risks. Any manufacturing company can get into harsh consequences if devices are recalled from the market or causing adverse effects, or simply not functioning due to defects. A device manufacturer can get itself into costly lawsuits if they neglect to abide by the CGMP. 

By abiding by CGMP, we avoid product failure and deviation from the expected quality to ensure that your project requirements are met to the fullest. With us, you can rest your mind, as we go above and beyond with our quality control, steady testing, and well-regulated operations. So, when working with us, you can reduce expensive, unnecessary delays and order greater quantities thanks to our quality control of our produced volume. 

Our growth mindset and improvement culture have shaped us into today’s market leader in manufacturing. Led by CGMPs, we abide by strict standards (ISO 9001) with every project we undertake.  

Product Testing Inspection 

Our vision to deliver outstanding devices is not complete without inspection, which is a vital phase. That’s why we invested in a thermally-regulated inspection facility. We are in a position to fulfil your needs even post-implementation with our main site in Coventry, along with our facilities at Washington. 

You won’t regret working with us. Working with a high-end manufacturer like us comes with many privileges. For instance, we can conduct our inspection services at your premises, and this is to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Regardless of your location, call us to find out more about our on-site inspection and testing services. 

Testing and inspection are our utmost priority after product completion. In fact, when the devices are built and ready to be shipped, we do not consider this to be our final milestone. Without extensive testing and improvements, our efforts would go in vain. While respecting all standards, we make sure that the devices you will receive are market ready. 

At ETG, we know exactly what is needed for the inspection to run smoothly without delays to your go-to-market plan. We are able to deliver what we promise due to the state-of-the-art inspection assets that we own. We have innovative equipment that can help us fulfil your product needs without hassle or delay. These resources include Stiefelmayer System CMMs, Titanium Faro Arms, Faro Laser Trackers, and more! 

ETG medical machine

 Contact the Medical Product Manufacturing Specialists  

If you have been in the market for a medical device manufacturing service, look no further than ETG. Our decades of outstanding experience make us your single destination for all your medical manufacturing needs. Ever since being founded in 1972, we have worked with hundreds of businesses who were seeking to enhance their facilities by a medical manufacturing service that increases their efficiency.  

The medical field is one with no room for errors. Our years of expertise in manufacturing items for the medical field have not only taught us finesse, but also the accuracy of standards. Our medical device quality standards speak for themselves. Our top-notch manufacturing standards have even earned us an ISO-9001 accreditation.  

Contact our team of medical manufacturing specialists for the best manufacturing service you can get in the UK. Give us a call at 02476 428 500 or drop us an email at for all your manufacturing inquiries. We are eager to help. 

Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges 

Here at ETG, we aim to solve all the bottlenecks you face in your manufacturing designs and implementation. We are experts in advanced medical devices. Our philosophy is that no matter how complicated or intricate the devices need to be, we will make them happen. Our realm of expertise even encompasses assembly systems for the healthcare industry. Whatever it is, we are ready to support your projects and see them advance from conceptualisation to reality with us. 

We have more than 40 years of experience under our belts, and we’ve been adapting to changes in manufacturing and market demand ever since. We have a strong customer base due to our result-driven and people-first attitude, even in this industry. We are ready to take over your automation system or medical equipment project anywhere in the world. 

Our driven mindset has led us to expand beyond the UK and lay our grounds abroad. In 2018, we even opened a facility in Hefei, China. We are ready to solve your problems and ship your devices directly to you without any delays thanks to our wide coverage. You’ll see that working with a giant manufacturing firm like ours is convenient to you in the long term should you need to order more than once or improve on previous designs. We are keeping up with the changes as soon as they arise.