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Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Welcome to ETG! We are the number one leading medical equipment manufacturing company here in the UK. We supply medical devices and equipment for all healthcare facilities that are in need of a hefty medical equipment supply from trustworthy manufacturers. The healthcare medical equipment and devices manufacturing services we offer here at ETG are guaranteed to deliver the best medical equipment and devices your healthcare facility needs.  

Here at ETG, we are dedicated to delivering nothing less than the best medical equipment and device manufacturing services you can find here in the UK. Our team of medical equipment and devices manufacturing specialists has accumulated over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing business.  

Ever since being first established in 1972, we have been committed to offering all our customers with exceptional medical equipment and device manufacturing services that are up to the highest of quality standards. Our decades-long experience in the medical equipment and devices manufacturing business has earned us the expertise we need to be assisting you with the manufacturing process of all the medical equipment devices you need.  

Professional Medical Device Assembly 

Here at ETG, we have managed to accumulate over 50 years of experience in the medical manufacturing business. We have spent countless hours assisting our many clients in getting their products out to the market as quickly as possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that our high calibre set of standards is maintained all throughout our processes.   

The medical sector is one that is famous for having a relatively short window where the lives of the products are viable. It is often frustrating for companies to work on delivering a deadline, only to have to move on to the next project directly. Here at ETG, we have developed an approach that has proven itself to be the most efficient in maintaining our unmatched standards of service while simultaneously meeting our deadlines on time.  

No matter where you are located in the world, ETG is guaranteed to be able to deploy your medical products on time and in accordance with the laws and customs of the local region. We will also offer all our clients with a remote support that would tend to any issue that might suddenly arise. ETG will accompany you throughout every step of the journey to your world-class medical products.  

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Bespoke Medical Equipment Manufacturing 

In the case that you need a medical product developed and delivered within a set time limit, ETG has the people that you’ll want to be handling the job. You can now consult our team of medical manufacturing specialists with what sort of product you have in mind, and our team will develop it and offer you a solution that would best fit your requirements. We have developed an exquisitely swift process that has allowed us to assemble and deliver medical devices in no time. The basic rundown of our process is developing, designing, deploying, and data capturing.  

The set of services we offer here at ETG are entirely bespoke and enable you to either opt for build-to-print medical manufacturing or simply get process and product consultancy.   

Alternatively, we can provide a fully comprehensive solution where we take care of the process from concept to delivery.   

ETG will also take care of everything else included in the process. From proof of principle and concept simulation to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), our team will take care of it all. Our customer service agents are here to assist you 24 hours a day, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you might have.  

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Other Sectors

In addition to the medical sector, ETG is also able to develop, build, and deploy products and equipment for all sorts of other sectors that can include aerospace, automotive, automation, modular, and many more.

ETG’s Engineering Services

To be able to design and develop some of the most beneficial and flexible systems, it is first crucial to start out the project with a thorough assessment of each and every clients’ specific requirements. This aspect is only optimized by our very own electrical and mechanical design teams that are closely working together to be able to swiftly move projects from concepts to delivery.

Here at ETG, we place a very strong emphasis on our Project Management. This fact ensures that every project would be assigned a specialized Project Manager who would be able to oversee the entire process from design to implementation. These operations can also take place on the clients’ own premises.

Affordable Medical Equipment Manufacturing

We are experts in the production of the most affordable sets of surgical devices that include wound care, tracheostomy, endoscopy, ligation, intubation, stapling, and suturing sets.

The personal care products we offer include razor heads and handles, fem care products, contact lenses, baby care products like pacifiers and diapers, face masks, gloves, and personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our drug delivery devices include inhaler assembly, injector assembly, and transdermal patches. The diagnostic tests we provide include wearable connective devices and single-use disposable devices. And finally, the clinical containers we offer include colostomy and ileostomy stoma care bags in addition to fluid bags.

Expert Healthcare Automation Solutions

Our team is made up of a group of professionals who are experts in leveraging the best technological advancements and practices in order to assist all our clients. We aim at bringing our client’s visions to life by accelerating their projects while not compromising quality.

Our dedicated team of professionals are guaranteed to help you get through the entire process of attaining Proof of Principle, Concept Simulation and Process Validation through to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

Whether it is a single machine you need or an entire line, trust in ETG to be handling the job.

Healthcare Assembly Systems  

Medical Equipment ManufacturingHere at ETG, we have accumulated countless hours of experience in delivering assembly solutions that would best fit all our clients’ needs within the medical sector. We are experts in processes that include feeding pucks, bins, boxes, trays, manuals, and collars, among many more.  

We also offer multiple assembly options that include snapping, pushing, mating, clipping, bonding, welding, flex PCB, calibration, ATE, and insertion.  

Our primary pack includes flow wrapping, sealing, clam shelling, and blistering. Our cutting options include punching, lasering, and rotary dying. Our Marking options include lasering, InkJet, and labelling. We treat our materials using either Corona or Plasma, and our inspection options include flow, push and pull, pressure, weight, and vision standards.  

Flexible Automation

The systems we use here at ETG are specifically designed to meet the current and future needs of the medical products market. Our medical device equipment manufacturers believe in the notion of enabling future flexibility through the utilization of digital simulation tools like the Digital Twin. These tools can create an exquisitely agile product that can build a process development environment with our local and international clients.

We believe in Simultaneous Engineering that would enable delivering continuous improvements and upgrades throughout a product’s life.

High-Speed Assembly  

Here at ETG, one of the most prized assets that differentiate us from our competitors is our high-speed assembly element. All the assembly platforms our team utilizes for medical manufacturing are entirely configured to suit the application. They also accommodate a broad range of electromagnetic transportation or standard indexing systems.   

Our wide range of automation systems are extremely scalable and are virtually limitless. Our team of medical manufacturing experts are committed to supporting GAMP validation and aim at building our systems to meet ISO13485:2016 and FDA -Quality System QSR 21 CFR820 standards.  

Strategic Manufacturing Partner  

Here at ETG, we have been committed to have enhanced built to print options. We work on refining the processes we use for our productions while providing recommendations for the obsolescence improvement and design of medical equipment.  

We also value the agility for regional manufacturing, which is also known as onshoring. Here at ETG, we have acquired a set of manufacturing facilities that are spread out over the four major economies (Europe, UK, China, and the Americas).  

No matter where you need your facilities to be built, trust that we are the team for the job.  

We are committed to offering the best design and implementation solutions that would best fit all that our clients are looking for. We have worked relentlessly here at ETG in order to attain a team of cross-functional individuals who are competent in delivering fully integrated engineering solutions. The collective set of experience we have accumulated here at ETG is more than capable of meeting each and every one of our customers’ needs.   

The single and multiple robotics automation systems, palletized indexing systems, and palletized indexing conveyors give us the capacity and ability to be manufacturing mass volumes of products for our clients. Here at ETG, we aim at being able to implement and ship out all our clients’ orders within the time they are needed.  

The robotic automation systems we use here at ETG can be used for all sorts of purposes. These can include assembly, welding painting, labelling and packaging, pick and place, and even inspections and product testing. These robotic systems can ensure a very high standard for precision without throwing speed out the window. We have invested in these systems in order to make sure that we deliver all our clients’ orders to the best of quality without risking their delivery time.  

Digital Product Development and Product Testing Inspection  

If you have been aiming to take the first steps towards attaining the manufacturing services of the future, then you are in luck. Our team of expert medical equipment manufacturing specialists work closely with some of the best leading digital automation specialists in order to make sure that all our clients get the chance to benefit from enhanced simulation features.   

Before beginning “real world” trials, our R&D team will commence the process of digital product and process development. We have found that this system greatly contributes to focusing investment and reducing development time.  

Inspection is one of the most vital processes we undertake here at ETG, as our quest for flawless medical equipment manufacturing services would not be complete without it. For that sole reason, we have aimed at investing in a thermally-regulated facility for the inspection of our products. We are committed to fulfilling all your medical equipment manufacturing needs even after our services have been implemented.  

Working with ETG does not only guarantee that you receive some of the highest quality medical manufacturing services, but it also comes with its fair share of perks. For example, we can conduct our thorough inspection services right from the premises of your facilities. No matter where you are located, our inspection and testing services are guaranteed to be able to reach you.  

Here at ETG, we take our testing and inspection services very seriously. Having medical products be built and ready for shipment does not mean that our jobs would be done. We believe that with the lack of continuous testing and improvement, all our efforts would be simply lost. That is why our team of medical manufacturing experts is dedicated to providing you with a continuous system that would provide you with the follow-ups and improvements you need to maintain the standards and quality of your equipment.  


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If you have been looking for the best medical equipment manufacturing services you can find here in the UK, then you are in luck. ETG is one of the leading medical equipment manufacturing specialists that is dedicated to offering nothing less than the best medical equipment manufacturing solutions that our customers need.

Our over five decades spent in the medical equipment manufacturing business have earned us the status of being the number one leading medical company that specializes in medical equipment manufacturing. Ever since being first established in 1972, our team of experienced medical equipment manufacturing specialists have been working relentlessly to maintain our stellar standard of service.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of medical manufacturing specialists for any further inquiries you might have about the range of services we provide here at ETG. Call us now at 02476 428 500 or email us at, and our team of expert medical equipment manufacturing team will be right at your service.

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Why Come to Us for Medical Industry Equipment?   

When you decide to work with our team of professionals here at ETG, rest assured that you will be working with some of the best designers and developers of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies. Whether you need bespoke aerospace component assembly solutions or medical equipment manufacturing, we can offer it all.   

Regardless of whether you already have a concept in mind or if you need us to be developing a concept for you, you can count on us to deliver. Our over 50 years of experience have given us the chance to work on countless projects and provide hundreds of our clients with the medical manufacturing solutions they need. We have managed to expand our global services thanks to the fact that we have built such a trusting relationship with all our international clients.