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Medical Device Manufacturing

Are you in the market for new medical devices? Do you need the services of medical device manufacturers that can keep pace with clients’ ever-changing requirements within the medical field? Then look no further than Expert Technologies Group (ETG) for top-tier manufacturing solutions that are scalable and able to keep pace with something as demanding as the medical field. 

With the help of our manufacturing team, we can assist with the creation of all manner of healthcare automation and other medical devices, whether for a clinical or laboratory setting. 

ETG aims to further the boundaries of modern medicine by offering precise, trail-blazing engineering techniques to bring your medical device ideas to life. 

From start to finish, we work alongside our clients to produce state-of-the-art healthcare solutions, strictly adhering to evidence-based medical practices every step of the way to ensure a high-quality product. If you’d like to learn more, call us now on 02476 428 500.

What is Medical Device Manufacturing?  

The first question many ask is, “What is medical device manufacturing?”. After all, just because you work in the medical sector doesn’t mean you’re familiar with the process of procuring new devices. And that’s what medical device manufacturing is in a nutshell – the fabrication of bespoke medical devices and equipment. 

Such devices are intended to improve a patient’s quality of life, aid in diagnosis and treatment, testing, etc. Medical devices usually range from self-care products to critical medical devices and everything in between. It encompasses all facets of the manufacturing of medical devices, from designing a manufacturing process to the scaling up of ongoing process improvements. 

And it also encompasses sterilisation and packaging of medical devices before they are shipped to the client. In short, it’s a full-fledged service. 

Ever since the industry’s conception, the medical device catalogue has accrued thousands upon thousands of products. This is good news for healthcare seekers, who can rest assured that their every health requirement can be catered to with many options available on the market.    

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Professional Medical Device Manufacturing  

The manufacturing of medical devices involves the use of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. This approach plays an important role in prototyping and the creation of the final product. The advantage of additive manufacturing is that geometrically complex components can be produced, which is why it’s a technique often favoured. 

Such technologies represent an expensive investment, not just for the equipment but for the training required to operate such equipment. As a result, many in the healthcare sector opt to outsource medical device production. Before you do, it’s worth exploring your options, including assessing the advantages of teaming up with a full-service contract medical device manufacturer. 

The reality is that in-house or multi-supplier setups cannot beat the manufacturing capabilities of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) such as ETG. This is our bread and butter, and we’ve invested heavily in the correct processes, technologies, and manpower to ensure that any requirements are met. 

The advantages of using ETG include:  

  • Broad-Spectrum Expertise  
  • Cutting-Edge Technology  
  • Supply Chain Consolidation 
  • Bigger Resource Pool  
  • Increased Agility  
  • Improved Service Delivery  
  • Rapid-Fast Time to Market  
  • Reduced Costs  
  • Increased Focus on Core Activities  

The expertise of an OEM simply cannot be undervalued. It’s the knowledge that a team is handling the creation of all your medical devices without the expense of training said team. Our manufacturing process is geared towards the creation of devices that futureproof your operations while also responding to the rapid changes in the medical sector. And we work to your budget and deadlines. 

End-to-end users like us can access a larger resource pool, greatly increasing our capabilities. In addition, our increased agility enables us to quickly react to changes in product design, manufacturing, and portfolio. In the healthcare sector, products have very short service lives – such a benefit lets you stay one step ahead. And with better service delivery, you’ll have access to a wider selection of better-quality products. 

The medical sector is renowned for shorter product lifecycles. No sooner has a product launched than a new one is already in development to take its place. It’s the nature of an industry where constant progression is necessary. This can shift the burden of cost to the producer, however. 

But an OEM like ETG is set up to bear this burden with the resources and capabilities to scale up or down operations accordingly. 

Lastly, by leaving medical device manufacturing to us, you can focus more on core activities, including product marketing and research and development of new products. 


Strategic Medical Device Manufacturing Partner  

At ETG, we’re immensely proud to be one of the most trusted manufacturing companies of medical devices for the healthcare sector. As a trusted manufacturing specialist, we always endeavour to be faster and more efficient, proving our worth and why you should trust us to manufacture your medical devices. 

A crucial part of our process is the constant monitoring of renewable resources, sustainable materials, energy-efficient equipment, and waste reduction methods. We’ve worked tirelessly to improve our processes, make technological advances, and procure safer, more reliable materials to deliver on our end. 

This enables us to deliver truly “lean” manufacturing of medical devices, offsetting activities, processes, and materials that add no value to the product, saving the consumer (you) money while delivering a quality product. Of course, speed and cost savings are certainly important, but more so is quality control. 

Simply put – medical devices typically shift wards a more value-driven landscape. This includes packaging validation, necessary to demonstrate that a product is sterile when it ships. This is another area where we at ETG excel – the ideation, concept, and prototyping phases of product development to manufacturing components or complete medical devices. 

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Flexible Automation 

What is flexible automation? Flexible automation is a process in which a robotic cell can be easily and rapidly re-tasked to perform a different function. This enables multiple automation processes to be created without requiring or requiring minimal changeover. 

At ETG, we develop systems designed with the client’s current and future needs in mind. Our manufacturing team produces an agile product and process development environment through digital simulation tools, including the Digital Twin. This is built to meet our clients’ needs wherever they operate. 

Our approach incorporates simultaneous engineering, which ensures continuous improvement for the duration of the product’s life. 

Medical Device Assembly  

When it comes to the assembly of medical devices, ETG’s manufacturing arm has you covered. We configure our assembly platforms to cope with any application, including various standard indexing and electromagnetic transportation systems. 

The advantage of our automation systems is that they are limitless and scalable, meaning you can go from a single process to hundreds of processes without expanding beyond a single production floor. 

Not only that, but our medical device manufacturing team can support GAMP validation. Our systems are constructed to meet ISO13485:2016 and the FDA -Quality System QSR 21 CFR820 standard. Approvals are to regional standards (e.g., CE/uL) as required. 

We also boast regional manufacturing agility (onshoring) in the form of manufacturing facilities and supply chains in the UK, Europe, the Americas, and China. So, wherever you need a medical device assembled, you need only tell us. 

Digital Product Development   

Digital product development is another cornerstone of our work producing medical devices. We proudly collaborate with top digital automation specialists, ensuring that our clients always benefit from the advantages of enhanced simulation. In addition, each client is supported by our R&D team with digital process and product development. 

This precedes what’s termed as traditional ‘real world’ trials, which greatly offset development time while focusing investment. 

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If you’re looking for an expert manufacturing team that excels in the fabrication of medical devices, then it should be obvious by now who to call – Expert Technologies Group. ETG has been supplying clients in the industry with first-class healthcare devices since 1972. Whatever your requirements, we’ll take any medical device concepts all the way through to deployment, and we can even help with that. 

We’ve quickly become the go-to medical device manufacturers through meticulous attention to detail whenever we partner with a medical client. 

Because of this high need for accuracy, we have become so good at what we do, even earning an accredited ISO-9001 certificate for our efforts. So, contact us now if you want to learn more about our medical device manufacturing capabilities. Call us on 02476 428 500 or email Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured you’ll find an answer with our team of certified professionals. 

Why Come to us for Medical Device Manufacturing? 

Here at ETG, we excel in manufacturing quality medical devices for clients throughout the healthcare sector. We leverage our vast knowledge and understanding of the industry to overcome any challenges with the view to deliver products as specified to meet any deadline or budget. Our extensive capabilities reflect this desire and our team’s “can-do” attitude, and our technological proficiencies enable us to make good on our commitment to each of our clients. 

We have painstakingly adjusted our manufacturing processes over the better part of the last five decades to stay in the loop and provide the best service we can to our clients. Because of this loyalty, we have amassed such an impressive client roster, with recommendations expanding our customer base every day.   

Luckily for our international clients, our recent establishment of a headquarters in China brings our manufacturing services closer than ever before. This extensive geographical coverage lets us ship your medical device directly to you while minimising delays. In addition, should you need to restock your devices, shipment is available at a distance closer than it’s ever been.   

No matter where you are in the world, we place your convenience first so that you have easy and direct access to your medical devices whenever you need them.