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Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing has never been this easy. With ETG, your medical product can go from idea to full-fledged device with the help of our certified professionals and engineering solutions. Healthcare is progressing at break-neck speed, owing to the fact that global demographics are tending towards older populations. 

Consequently, with disease on the rise, it becomes ever more important to innovate in treatment delivery systems, which is only made possible by expanding on current practices. ETG aims to further the boundaries of modern medicine, by offering precise, trail-blazing engineering techniques to bring your medical device ideas to life. 

 Quality is our middle name, especially when it comes to producing medical devices for real-life patients in need of treatment. From A to Z, we work alongside our clients to produce state-of-the-art treatment solutions, strictly adhering to evidence-based medical practices every step of the way to ensure a high-quality end product. 

What is Medical Product Manufacturing?

Medical product manufacturing is self-explanatory: it is the production of tools meant for use in healthcare settings to augment the quality of life for ill patients. These vary from simple self-care products, such as face masks and contact lenses, to more critical medical devices, such as surgical tools and biomechanical prostheses. All these products have a primary goal in common, which is to improve health outcomes and decrease the risk of disease.  

Ever since the industry’s conception, the medical device catalogue has accrued thousands upon thousands of products. This is good news for healthcare seekers, who can rest assured that their every health requirement can be catered to with a large number of options available on the market.  

ETG is proud to say that it is one of the biggest contributors, as we produce a vast array of such products. Our company has become renowned for leading the medical device movement, utilizing only the very best automation and engineering techniques for optimum quality across the board. 

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Orthopaedics is one of the key areas we manufacture products for. With the ageing population on the rise, broken hips and diseased joints warrant the need for viable orthopaedic solutions. These include functional prostheses, knee/hip implants, spinal support devices, and arthroscopy tools. 

Due to the highly physical nature of such devices, and to promote maximum mobility for the patient, our professionals make it a point to rely on highly specific construction techniques, mainly metal injection moulding. They also focus on the fast production of devices, in order to keep up with rapid demand. 

Another speciality of ours is surgical tools, such as scalpels, sutures, and dilators. Our expertise in the engineering field has even allowed us to manufacture robotic assistants to facilitate surgery and improve patient outcomes. With such high levels of accuracy, surgeons can exponentially decrease the margins of human error and improve their patients’ odds.  

With a growing diabetic population, it’s no surprise that we have been tackling the manufacturing of highly accurate tools, such as continuous glucose monitoring trackers and glucose testing strips. With devices like these, diabetic patients proactively take their conditions into their own hands and participate in active monitoring to avoid health complications. The medical device becomes a life companion that facilitates treatment and improves the overall quality of life for such patients. 

ETG is one of the biggest manufacturers of general healthcare equipment, including catheters, gloves, needles, and more. Be it a highly specific healthcare field, or just everyday equipment, we tick all the boxes for comprehensive, high-quality medical tools. 


Medical Device Production

Here at ETG, we’re proud to stand out from other medical device manufacturers with our advancesolutions, including but not limited to: 

ETG has slowly risen to the top of the medical manufacturing industry, catering to clients in the name of medical and automotive purposes. No matter which one you’re interested in, we are the specialists for you. 

We serve a wide range of clinical contexts, from public clinics to specialized hospital settings. Not only do we manufacture, but we also provide extensive consultation sessions during the drawing board stage. Blue Chip affiliates and second-tier organizations are just a fraction of the clients we work with to deliver medical device solutions. 

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 Innovated Medical Solutions 

Medical manufacturing is a crucial pillar of a growing healthcare industry, but the harsh truth is that it is a sparse resource. ETG has expanded its repertoire in this area, in hopes of rectifying the scarcity in today’s market. We have assimilated a highly trained crew of engineers who are capable of producing medical devices across a wide range of specialities. 

Drawing on their knowledge of ground-breaking engineering practices, they combine the fields of medicine and technology to deliver high-quality medical solutions for today’s prevalent health issues. Their repertoire includes surgical apparatuses, blood transfusion equipment, diagnostic machinery, and drug-delivery equipment. for general healthcare purposes, they put together personal care products, inhalers, and general equipment for everyday use in the healthcare setting. 

Our expertise also extends to medical assembly. We offer our clients the option of assembling their products, taking the product from blueprint to conveyor belt in no time. Rapid assembly is made possible by highly accurate laser welding technology, in addition to automated assembly machinery to execute large volumes of products. However, volume does not mean that we sacrifice quality, as each emerging medical device lives up to our quality standards.  

Our production services include all the trimmings, from procuring needed materials and cutting, to marketing the final product. Our unique position at the top of the manufacturing hierarchy has given us the resources to manage even the most demanding client pitches. OEMs constantly make use of our resources to bring their product ideas to life, in hopes of achieving further accuracy and facilitating daily medical practice. Outsourcing the production process allows them to drastically save on production expenditures, time, and labour. 

If we’ve learned anything from all our years in the field, it’s that each project is unique. This is why we make it a point to conduct in-depth conversations with our client during the beginning phases of the project, to make sure that we have all the details down before proceeding with the manufacturing process. As a result, the final medical device lives up to your expectations and more, without the constant hassle of revisions and corrections. 

If it’s not production you’re looking for, but customization, say no more. Our technology allows us to customize your machinery for whatever purpose you may have in mind. All we need is a bit of time and a detailed plan from your end to make it happen. 

Thanks to our rigorous inspection processes, you can expect to discover potential medical device weaknesses early on and save yourself abundant repair costs further down the line. This proactive approach is what has endeared us to so many of our customers because they know they’re getting a thorough service for their money, thus decreasing their downtime and maximizing their profits. 

Medical Device Assembly 

Our assembly process implements the very best standards of sterility and hygiene from start to finish. We take it upon ourselves to choose the very best assembly option for your needs, providing a suitable gateway for the medical device’s manufacture. 

It goes without saying that all we do is in line with current medical standards, as our machinery elaborately pieces together the different elements of the medical device along the assembly line. We are acutely aware that the medical field seldom leaves room for error, especially when the welfare of human lives is at stake. For this reason, our medical devices are produced with unrivalled precision, so that they are compliant with the highest standards of health practices. 

The assembly process that we currently adopt is a result of years of technique revision and redevelopment. Over the span of many years, we have refined our automated processes to become as streamlined as possible, always keeping our clients’ requirements in our sights. 

With several production platforms on our premises, it has become essential for us to adopt a standardized level of performance. The resultant operational consistency has allowed us to shift valuable energy towards the details of the manufacturing process and ensure a swift production rate in response to demand. 

Our team help you navigate the standardized criteria of product testing, such as Concept Simulation, FAT, PoP, process validation, and SAT. With our engineers by your side, the process becomes a whole lot simpler for our clients, guaranteeing you superb results regardless of whether we’re producing a single unit of machinery or a whole batch of products. Say goodbye to the days of generalized solutions. 

ETG has made sure to accommodate every single one of its clients over the years, paying special attention to individualized needs. Whatever your requirements for your medical device, our product cell templates and processing modules ensure a smooth production process. Throughout it all, our engineers aim for standardized consistency to ensure that every medical device delivers a unified level of functionality and performance. 

Medical Product Automation 

At the heart of our automation processes are our engineers. ETG has amassed an impressive number of specialists to supervise day-to-day automated operations. Our professionals come from different speciality backgrounds, combining their knowledge t bring you comprehensive, fully integrated solutions. With the power of advanced technology systems on their side, they become unstoppable.  

If mass production is what you have in mind, have no fear. Our premises are equipped with single and multiple robot-powered automation systems, in addition to palletised and indexing systems/conveyors. The result is a system with a high-volume quota able to make it into the market in minimal time. 

Robotic arms take on the duties of welding, packaging, and assembling, just to name a few. Their impressive job description makes them valuable additions to the assembly line, especially since they do not miss their mark. This elevated accuracy maintains medical device quality and consistency, while simultaneously cutting down on production times. This way, our clients are satisfied knowing that product release is not deterred by unexpected delays. 

Palletised and indexing systems mainly take over the areas of production demanding the highest levels of precision. Their built-in feedback loops, powered by Vision, enhance assembly accuracy in high/medium-speed settings and improve the more sensitive processes of the automated system.  

 How the Medical Devices Industry Is Handling the Technological Evolution  

In light of the growing digital era, technology has become a pivotal element of every workplace, both big and small. With the use of technology comes the delegation of repetitive tasks, leaving more time for human creativity and innovation. Robots and algorithm-powered systems are no longer the stuff of sci-fi movies, as they replace the human workforce. 

From a managerial aspect, employers can utilize technology to monitor employee performance, handle daily operations paper-free, and course-correct on any noticeable inefficiencies. Staff can even be logged into MES and ERP systems for self-evaluation purposes, inevitably leading to further productivity and increased workplace organization. 

In regards to the healthcare industry, it has embraced technology aggressively, by integrating healthcare-related features into everyday wearable accessories, such as the Apple Watch. A well-known audio company has also made it a point to include the hearing disabled population by designing apparatuses tailored to their abilities. 

Every day, the borders of modern medical practices are being stretched outwards to encompass marginalized health populations and discover novel, innovative methods of treatment. 

Medical Product Manufacturer 

Fifty years in the engineering and manufacturing fields is no small feat. This accomplishment is a source of pride for ETG, drawing clients to our door for all types of production requests. We have established a name for ourselves in the industry by means of client loyalty, dedication, and excellent workmanship. 

Be it a national or global scale, clients remain very pleased with our work and even go so far as to recommend us to their associates. Word of mouth has spread our name far and wide, bringing ever more clients flocking to benefit from our services. Perhaps what makes us so special is our unrelenting attention to client requirements, as we make sure to execute every detail until the medical device is to their satisfaction. 

During the early initiation stage, each project will be allocated an overseeing manager. The manager works alongside the medical device manufacturer and makes sure that the product is executed smoothly and with no delays. 

Another managerial duty is to ensure that all production standards are being upheld to the highest degree, in tandem with the client’s specifications. With the added benefit of machinery precision, it’s no wonder that our medical devices retain great characteristics of quality, hygiene, and safety. With keen eyes on every step of the project, managers polish the production process, leaving no room for unnecessary errors or disappointment. 

You will receive regular updates from our team regarding the process timeline, ensuring that you and our team are always on the same page. Once the production process has come to an end, our team will coordinate with yours, and the medical device batch can be shipped to you immediately with no delay. Even if it’s been years since you’ve worked with us, we can handle the shipment of your stored devices no matter how long it’s been. 

 What Are the Norms of Good Manufacturing Practices? 

When it comes to the healthcare industry, it is crucial that manufacturers comply with a standardized production system to ensure a consistent level of quality and, above all, consumer safety. This is what is known as current good manufacturing practice, or cGMP. Not all medical device manufacturers follow this system, leaving it up to you to research trusted companies that abide by these practices. ETG is undoubtedly one of these select few. 

GMP ultimately aims to enhance overall quality and reduce the number of dysfunctional, unsafe devices on the market. The latter is a huge waste of financial resources, but more importantly, a public safety hazard. Ergo, anything less than the promised quality is a severance of public trust in the healthcare manufacturing industry. 

Such low standards of performance definitely do not go unpunished: any company gambling with public safety is subject to hefty fines and severe legal action when taking such undesirable risks at the expense of consumer wellbeing. ETG strictly abides by CGMP to ensure not only your medical device’s quality but also its timely delivery to the market. 

Our clients gain peace of mind knowing that we have quality checkpoints at every step of our operations, in addition to rigorous inspection and product testing. 

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Contact the Medical Device Manufacturing Specialists  

If you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable manufacturing company to execute your medical device idea, ETG is here to save the day. Founded in 1972, we have worked with countless businesses to deliver outstanding medical solutions and boost the quality of healthcare market products. Our extensive experience lends itself well to this field, in particular, as healthcare seldom allows room for error, lest it places human lives in danger. 

It is because of this high need for accuracy that we have become so good at what we do, even earning an accredited ISO-9001 certificate for our efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for a specialized service in medical manufacturing. You can reach us via phone at 02476 428 500, or simply send us an email at Whatever your requirements may be, you can rest assured you’ll find an answer with our team of certified professionals. 

Medical Device Manufacturers

With ETG, no medical device is too challenging for our team. We believe that even the most elaborate of devices are well within our capabilities, simply because we have so much experience working in the industry. With the power of our automated systems, our clients have been able to take their products from a mere concept to a fully realized medical device. 

We have painstakingly adjusted our production processes to reflect the best techniques of the time throughout the better part of five decades, in order to stay in the loop and proved the best service we can to our clients. It is because of this loyalty that we have amassed such an impressive client roster, with recommendations expanding our customer base every day. 

Luckily for our international clients, our recent establishment of a headquarters in China brings our services closer than ever before. This extensive geographical coverage enables us to ship your medical device directly to you while minimizing delays. Should you need to restock your devices, shipment is available at a distance closer than it’s ever been. 

No matter where you are in the world, we place your convenience at the top of our list, so that you have easy and direct access to your medical device whenever you need it.