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Laser Wheel Alignment 

Are you in the business of manufacturing vehicles? Or does your company provide vehicle repair and maintenance services? Vehicles require a lot of upkeep, and this includes the wheels. If the wheels are not correctly aligned, this can affect the steering, causing it to become loose, uneven, and vibrate. It can also lead to uneven tyre wear and cause the tyres to squeal.  

Put simply, poor wheel alignment is bad for the vehicle’s overall condition, impacting performance, safety, handling, and even fuel efficiency. Traditional methods of wheel alignment are slow and inefficient. At ETG, we design and manufacture laser wheel alignment technologies that are far quicker and more efficient. When it concerns the field of assembly and testing technologies, you won’t find systems that prioritise efficiency better than ours. 

We have over 40 years of experience in the industry of advanced manufacturing technologies. If you’d like to find out more, all you need to do is call us on +44 2476 428 500

The Number One Wheel Alignment Specialists

Here at ETG, we take immense pride in delivering world-class automation solutions, from laser wheel alignment technologies to special-purpose machinery and complete production lines. We deliver solutions that are tailored to any requirement, regardless of what sector you operate in. 

When you account for the fact that the modern vehicle is equipped with so many different critical systems, you appreciate just how important it is to have an easy way to monitor and maintain these systems. This includes brakes, headlamps, driver assistance systems, even the wheels. If any of these systems experience a problem, the problem must be identified and rectified quickly to prevent a more catastrophic problem. 

Even something as simple as testing and calibrating wheel alignment requires absolute precision, and that’s what our solutions provide. With ETG’s top-tier wheel alignment technology, you can quickly test and calibrate the alignment of wheels with the necessary precision to ensure safety and performance. 

As a company, we’re conscious of the environmental impact our industry can have, and so we’ve made a concerted effort to position ourselves carefully so as to supply the market with innovative solutions. 

For instance, our excellent wheel geometry alignment technology has been shown to greatly reduce wear and tear and fuel consumption. In other words, vehicle owners will have to replace their tyres less often and re-fuel less frequently, reducing wastage and the demand for fossil fuels. 

And you don’t need to worry about whether or not our solutions are appropriate for the applications you have in mind. We adopt a process-oriented approach, ensuring technologies suitable for a range of applications. We also have the capacity to engineer solutions for vehicle dynamics testing. And our wheel alignment technologies conform to the category NCA3D. This assures clients of high standards in both reliability and precision. 

As the requirements regarding safety and consumption become ever tighter, more and more companies are seeking innovative solutions to help them remain competitive. Our testing and adjustment technologies are designed with these stricter requirements in mind. Manufacturers, mechanics, engineers, etc., can benefit from the kind of support only our systems can provide. 

It’s no wonder then that we at ETG have quickly become a proven partner of automotive manufacturers. 

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The Best Automated Riveting Machine You’ll Ever Purchase

Here at ETG, we take great pride in providing market-leading laser wheel alignment technology. We can manufacture solutions that comply with one of two categories. NCA3D-XL refers to wheel alignment solutions designed for trucks and bus manufacturers. Wheel geometry measurement has been redefined through the inclusion of high-spec touchless metrology. 

For cars, we manufacture NCA3D category wheel alignment testing equipment. When it comes to precision engineering, we know that our clients expect nothing but the best. We continue to innovate, developing and optimising the technologies we create. At the End of Line or EOL stage of development, wheel alignment is an important factor. 

With our NCA3D laser wheel alignment touchless metrology, a new standard has been set for measuring and adjusting the vehicle axis. 

How Does Wheel Alignment Work? 

Wheel alignment might sound like a complicated process, but it’s really not. If you’re a vehicle manufacturer, you’ll likely be aware of the process. But if you’re expanding your operations and wheel alignment is a new concept, allow us to explain how it works. 

In short, light beams are used to inspect the vehicle’s front wheels. The idea is to check to see if they are set up correctly. Contrary to what you might think, this does not mean that they simply point forwards. The typical setup for wheels has them pointed at specific angles, ensuring that the vehicle rolls along smoothly. This prevents the steering from dragging one way or the other or becoming too loose. 

The process involves a technician attaching brackets to the vehicle’s wheels. They then project lasers from one to the other or across all four. Where the beams fall on a scale indicates whether the wheels are correctly aligned or not. The advantage of using laser tracking system is that they are exact, able to measure misalignment with pinpoint accuracy. 

Lasers also feedback to a computer that checks the position of the beams relative to the scales. This check is carried out with far greater precision than what’s capable with the human eye. Once checked, the results are logged. If misaligned, the suspension can be easily adjusted and the wheels rechecked. 

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Benefits of Using Laser Alignment Equipment to Align Wheels 

There are, of course, many advantages to using specialist laser wheel alignment equipment to perform wheel alignment checks, whether you’re a manufacturer or a local garage. 

These benefits include: 

  • Reduce Tyre Wear 
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption 
  • Money Saved 
  • Good for the Environment 
  • Improved Handling 
  • Safer Driving 

Misalignment causes more pressure to be exerted on one part of the tyre rather than being evenly distributed. This leads to uneven wear and tear, potentially wiping thousands of miles off a set of tyres. There’s an increase in drag too (rolling resistance), which, in turn, causes higher fuel consumption.  

Both these issues can cost you more in the long run and have a harmful impact on the environment. Drivers won’t have to worry about early tyre disposal and will be spending less on new tyres and re-fuelling. This is good for their bank balance and helps lower CO2 emissions. 

Through correct four-wheel alignment, handling is improved, assuring the driver of a better and more enjoyable driving experience. The experience will be safer too, as handling and stability are maximised. Misaligned wheels can cause issues, especially when taking emergency or evasive action. Braking distance can also be affected, which can result in collisions that could prove fatal. 

Experts at Creating Alignment Equipment for Wheels 

When it comes to creating top-quality wheel alignment technologies, you won’t find a more capable team anywhere else. We’re industry experts, able to turn our hand to any request, so you can rest assured that your request is in safe and capable hands. You can learn more about ETG below, and if you’d like to get in touch, you’ll find our contact details further down. 

Other Services Available 

Here at ETG, we do a lot more than simply design and manufacture laser wheel alignment technologies. In fact, we work with clients across countless sectors, developing advanced testing and manufacturing technologies for a whole host of applications. Some of the services we provide include but are not limited to: 

We work with companies from industries that include the medical, aerospace, automotive, and modular sectors. If you work in an industry not mentioned above, make sure to get in touch. We’re supremely confident that whatever your automation requirements, we can be of assistance. 

Why Come to ETG for Laser Wheel Alignment Technologies? 

When it comes to manufacturing technologies, ETG has sat at the centre of innovation for the last half a century. We’ve been the go-to supplier of advanced manufacturing technologies for countless businesses, from medical and modular to aerospace manufacturers. For vehicle manufacturers, we’ve solidified our position as a proven partner, able to supply the solutions they require. 

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your current operations. Or maybe you’re expanding your capabilities and looking to incorporate wheel alignment testing into your processes. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that ETG has many years of experience fulfilling the requirements of customers everywhere. Our vast expertise and knowledge leave us well-placed to tackle any request. 

And when it comes to doing business with ETG, you can always expect to receive the best treatment from a team of friendly, knowledgeable, certified professionals. We always tailor our approach to the client’s expectations, providing quality solutions driven by innovation. When it comes to meeting industry standards, we’ve done a lot more than this. 

We’ve been surpassing ISO 9001:2008 standards for many years now. We continue to push boundaries, setting us apart from other companies supplying advanced manufacturing technologies. 

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Now that you’ve had an opportunity to read all about our laser wheel alignment technologies, it should be obvious that ETG is the company to call. We assure you of the best in innovation and quality courtesy of our extensive expertise and years of experience. Our alignment technologies make it super-easy to align wheels during the end of line stage of the process, and the technologies are entirely touchless. 

With our advanced manufacturing technologies, you can greatly improve speed, efficiency, and reliability while keeping down costs. Automation is the future, and we at ETG are here to make sure your business and countless others are prepared. If your business deals with vehicle manufacturing and aligns wheels using contact methods, feel free to discuss a touchless alternative with us. To make enquiries, call +44 2476 428 500. Alternatively, you can enquire about our wheel alignment technologies by filling out our online contact form or emailing