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How Aerospace Automation Is Used

Many sectors use automation systems to optimise and streamline their processes, and the aerospace industry is no different. The aerospace industry uses all sorts of advanced technology in a variety of areas, from manufacturing and welding to material handling and more, all to increase efficiency, safety, and output in their processes.

These automation systems can come in many various forms, from robotics and conveyance to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even automated guided vehicles. Automation technology can speed up processes, improve accuracy and efficiency, and improve repeatability.

In the aerospace industry, many automation applications are used, from assembly lines and dispensing systems to material handling, drilling, and more.

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Why Automation Matters for the Aerospace Industry

Many industries are investing in automation systems to streamline their processes, increasing efficiency, output, and safety. The aerospace industry is no different, but improvements being made on the automation front of the aerospace industry have been incremental. While technology for automation is more than sufficient for some industries, such as manufacturing in factories, the technology is slow to catch up to the level required for the aerospace industry.

However, with the demand for aircraft always increasing, the current manufacturing technology in the aerospace industry isn’t fast or cost-efficient enough to keep up with demand. As such, new and improved automation technology will need to be implemented in order to meet this demand while still meeting the quality required.

Automation is currently being used in the aerospace industry to support worker productivity, reducing the need to handle repetitive tasks such as drilling and filling. There is still significant demand to increase automation in the aerospace industry, however.

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What Is the Future of Aerospace Automation?

While there are some automation systems in use throughout the aerospace industry, there is certainly the potential for far more automation to be used in this industry.

The aircraft production process does offer a high potential for automation, as robotics can be used for fabrication jobs like carbon fibre layup, trimming, drilling, and routing. Automation can even be used to inspect aircraft, which is otherwise a very time consuming process due to the strict standards required.

Automated drilling has been used in the aerospace industry for many years now, but systems and applications are becoming far more diverse these days. Areas such as quality control, coating, welding, and more are falling more often under the purview of automation systems.

However, industries such as the aerospace industry are required to be conservative with their approach to automation, as high standards for safety need to be met. While some areas are automated, there are many areas that still remain unautomated as the technology simply isn’t viable for the aerospace industry at this time.

As the demand for more aircraft continues to increase, however, the aerospace industry will need to implement more automated applications in order to meet this demand. As such, with technology constantly improving, there is vast potential for automation in the aerospace industry.

How Aerospace Automation is used

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Hopefully after reading the above information, you will be a little more knowledgeable regarding automation in the aerospace industry, where automation is lacking in this industry, and how it has the potential for improvement.

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