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Our Green Initiative – Electric Vehicles

Our Green Initiative – Electric Vehicles

We are excited to share one of our ongoing green initiatives.

With the Electric Vehicle Initiative, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint as well as promote sustainability.

Transport has a significant impact on the environment, and EVs have a tremendous potential to drastically minimize emissions.
We recognise that sustainability must now become an active input to our process, not just a passive output.
With that in mind, across our UK facilities, by the end of 2022, we will have:​

14 Electric Vehicle​ Dual Outlet Chargers (7Kw),

These are FREE for all our employees & customers to use,

​That equates to ONE MILLION MILES of free charging per year.

We have more green initiatives planned to come throughout the year, to help make an impact on our carbon offset and we look forward to sharing these updates with you!