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When it comes to the field of assembly and testing engineering technology, the team at Expert have always made it their mission to prioritise systems that offer the highest levels of precision.

Consider that the modern vehicle is equipped with brakes, headlamps, driver assistance systems and other critical, fundamental safety-relevant mechatronic systems. Such systems need to be routinely adjusted and tested. Expert develops the technologies that make this possible.

But our approach goes further than this because for us, it’s also about minimising our environmental impact on the industry. To do this, we’ve positioned ourselves carefully in the market to offer technologies that innovate.

One example is our excellent wheel geometry alignment technology. What this does is to greatly reduce not just the wear and tear on tyres, but fuel consumption, too.


Range of


At Expert, we supply process-oriented solutions for a wide range of applications. For instance, our solutions can be designed for the adjustment of headlights and wheelbases. We can also engineer products for vehicle dynamics testing, too. The respective categories for our products pertaining to the adjustment of wheel geometry, headlight beam setting and driver assistance systems, as well as our rolling road, are NCA3D, HLA, and DVT respectively.

All are intended to promote higher standards when it comes to both reliability and precision.

Regarding safety and consumption, the demands placed on the industry are becoming ever stricter. To comply with these demands, manufacturers are having to turn more and more to innovative technologies, such as ours. This is where our testing and adjustment systems come into play. They offer the kind of support needed to fulfil these requirements. As a result, we’ve become a proven partner of automotive manufacturers.

industrial automation technology

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ETG nca 3d full vehicle

And Expert has taken things one step further. For trucks and bus manufacturers, our NCA3D-XL has redefined wheel geometry measurement through the provision of high-spec touchless metrology.


We’re continually helping to raise the game when it comes to the processes involved in precision engineering. Through innovation and continuous product development and optimisation, we seek to uphold this positive change. At the End of Line (EOL), our wheel alignment stands for passenger cars (NCA3D) now sets the standards for measuring and adjusting the vehicle axis.


(Headlight Aim)

Standards have been raised high by the Expert team when it comes to products relating to HLA for passenger cars and HLA-XL for commercial vehicles. The focus here is on the headlamp setting or headlight aim. To achieve the perfect position, we utilise image processing systems. The chief benefit with these systems is that they provide precise, reproducible results every single time.

The development and fabrication of manual and fully automated headlamp aiming technology didn’t occur overnight. In fact, the entire process is rooted in three decades of experience and expertise.

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DVT and ABS Testing

Here at Expert, we’re proud to offer a product that’s been put through its paces. The roll/brake/ABS test stand DVT (Dynamic Vehicle Test) is a true innovation and a marvel of engineering, designed for testing dynamic-driving functions and parametrisation of control devices. For passenger vehicles, the product allows for testing to take place, regardless of whether the car is a front-, rear-, or 4-wheel drive system. In the case of DVT-XL, it’s limited to trucks.

The reliable and robust delivery of results is all but assured and this is something you’ll only get from utilising an automated process sequence. And the beauty of a unified testing architecture is that it places no limitations on the customer. They can define their own optimised test sequence to exactly suit their needs!


Road safety has dramatically improved in recent years. Much of this is to do with the implementation of modern Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems or ADAS for short. These systems and their accompanying sensor technology allow for greater awareness on the road that sets a path for safe autonomous driving that’ll shape things to come.

To that end, Expert has come to play a critical role, partnering with the OEMs responsible for manufacturing private and commercial vehicles. ADAS needs to be properly calibrated and adjusted and the processes to do so need to be in place.

We can adapt quickly, blending elements of our modular architecture to fulfil each individual customers’ requirements in this regard.