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Exciting Grant Projects – ZETTA and Mag-Cure

Exciting Grant Projects – ZETTA and Mag-Cure

???? We’re proud to announce our participation in two groundbreaking grant projects, propelling us to the forefront of automotive innovation. These initiatives showcase our commitment to collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability. Let’s dive into the details! ????

1. ZETTA – Zero Emissions Truck Testing Automation:
Scaling up electric truck production through automation and advanced testing, we’re revolutionizing productivity and placing Leyland Trucks at the forefront of the PACCAR Group. Key highlights:

???? Delivering up to 30 BEV trucks per shift with innovation and increased productivity.
????Adopting digital technologies for efficient process design and health monitoring.
????Reshoring opportunities for UK supply chain e-powertrain components.
????Total project value £5.1 million, with £2.6 million funded through the APC.

2. Mag-Cure:
Mag-Cure, funded via the PEMD Scale-up competition, will transform electric motor manufacturing in EVs. Our novel adhesive bonding technology enables rapid curing, reducing costs and addressing end-of-life and quality control concerns. Key features:

????Revolutionary curie nano particles (CNP) in adhesive systems for precise manufacturing.
????Streamlining production time and costs while eliminating bottlenecks.
????Offering debonding capabilities for enhanced end-of-life and quality control.

These grant projects exemplify our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the automotive sector. Collaborating with industry leaders, we’re driving transformative advancements.

Stay tuned for more updates as we shape the future of the industry! ????????

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