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EOL Systems 

When it comes to the field of assembly and testing engineering technology, Expert Technologies Group are a cut above the rest. When you consider that the modern vehicle is ladened with parts and components that all must function correctly, testing each of these areas individually can take time. Yet such systems must be routinely adjusted and tested. 

That’s where EOL or End of Line systems come into play. End of line systems are designed to carry out this function automatically, saving you time and manpower while ensuring a greater degree of precision. 

We can also provide a cost-effective way of deploying these technologies globally, saving you precious time and resources. If you’re handling large-scale production and looking for a way to maintain high quality and safety standards, an EOL system is the right option. If you would like to learn more about our EOL technologies and how we make them bespoke to our clients, call the team at Expert Technologies Group now on +44 (0247) 6428500. 

High-Quality EOL Systems  

When it comes to vehicle manufacturing, quality and safety are both incredibly important, especially safety. If a vehicle ships with a serious defect, this could be potentially life-threatening. Traditional ways of spotting problems aren’t especially reliable, so there’s a greater chance of problems slipping through the net.  

That’s where end of line systems come into play. At Expert Technologies Group, we supply a wide range of full vehicle end of line solutions. We adopt a process-oriented approach, ensuring that you receive the right equipment for your setup. For instance, we can engineer products for vehicle dynamics testing or you might require a setup that is designed for the adjustment of wheelbases and headlights. 

We engineer systems that pertain to the adjustment of wheel geometry, headlight beam setting, and driver assistance systems. This is in addition to our rolling road. These solutions include: 

  • NCA3D 
  • HLA 
  • DVT and ABS Testing 
  • ADAS 

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Each of these systems is intended to promote higher standards of reliability and precision. In terms of consumption and safety, the industry is facing even steeper demands for which they must comply. These demands are reflected in each vehicle, requiring a more intuitive design that can be open to potential defects. 

To ensure these defects can be spotted and corrected, more and more manufacturers are utilising end of line technologies like ours. Our EOL solutions offer clients the support they need to fulfil customer requirements while complying with any legislative requirements. For this reason, many automotive companies consider us a proven partner. 


At Expert Technologies Group, we’re continually pushing the envelope with technologies like the NCA3D for car manufacturers and the NCA3D-XL for bus and truck manufacturers. We’ve redefined wheel geometry measurement by providing high-spec touchless metrology. Through continuous development, optimisation, and innovation, we endeavour to bring about positive change. Our NCA3D EOL solution has set standards for measuring and adjusting vehicle axis and is one of the best wheel alignment stands on the market. 

HLA (Headlight Aim)

Our HLA EOL solution is focused on the headlamp setting or headlight aim. To achieve this, improved processing systems are utilised that provide precise, reproducible results every time. Through the development and fabrication of manual and automatic headlamp aiming systems, some three-plus decades of innovation shines through. 

We have available the standard HLA system and HLA-XL for commercial vehicles. 

DVT and ABS Testing 

The next option we have available is our truly innovative Dynamic Vehicle Test – a roll/brake/ ABS test stand that’s a testament to the engineering that went into it. Our DVT test has been engineered for testing dynamic-driving functions and parametrisation of control devices. Using our DVT system, you can test domestic vehicles regardless of whether they are front-, rear-, or 4-wheel drive system enabled. 

Plus, if you routinely test commercial vehicles, we offer our DVT-XL system. Both systems are fully automated utilising a fully unified testing architecture that places no limitations on you. You define an optimised test sequence that’s tailored to your specifications. The DVT does the rest, delivering reliable and robust results. 


Today’s modern vehicles are much safer to operate thanks to the inclusion of Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This has drastically boosted road safety. ADAS and the accompanying sensor technology facilitate better awareness of the road, leading to far fewer accidents. 

We at Expert Technologies Group routinely partner with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who manufacture vehicles. We design ADAS systems and ensure that our clients are trained to keep them correctly calibrated and adjusted. 

What Do EOL Systems Do?

EOL systems refers to automated technologies that operate at the end of a production line. They can be found in multiple sectors, though their purposes are largely the same. For instance, in perishable or non-perishable production, they ensure that the product is packed and prepared to deliver to the retail customer. 

In vehicle manufacturing, EOL testing checks vital systems, ensuring quality and safety standards are met and that the vehicle supplied is free of defects. 

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Benefits of EOL Systems? 

Now that you’ve read a little more about our high-quality end of line systems and what they do, let’s delve into the benefits. Perhaps you already have a process in place that’s worked for you in the past but less and less so as time goes on. Making the switch to an EOL setup could be the answer, and here’s why – EOL systems offer benefits that include: 

  • Visibility and Prevention 
  • Protection for Brand Reputation 
  • Cost Efficiency 
  • System Efficiency 
  • Speed and Agility 

Even a well-oiled machine can encounter problems and errors can creep in. This can lead to mistakes in the manufacturing process which, in the case of automobiles, can translate to a serious safety hazard. End of line systems ensure complete visibility throughout, so such problems can be quickly addressed, and issues prevented. 

This ensures protection for your brand’s reputation by improving the company image. Poor quality and safety standards can quickly tarnish this reputation, costing you sales and market share. EOL testing ensures a safe and reliable final product every time. 

With each failure, product recall, or warranty claim comes additional costs. These costs can escalate quickly if you’re not careful. End of line testing protects you against such problems by significantly reducing the number of failures, leading to fewer recalls and warranty claims. The result is greater cost efficiency for your entire process. 

And it’s not just increased cost efficiency but improved system efficiency, too. Our EOL solutions are designed to optimise your entire assembly line and overall production process, making everything more efficient and reliable. 

Lastly, our EOL solutions offer much-needed speed and agility. Both are essential for enabling you to quickly identify vehicle defects and ensure your products leave the workshop in the intended condition. 

More Technology Solutions

In addition to end of line systems, we at Expert Technologies Group also design, develop, and deploy technologies for other sectors, including: 


The aerospace sector is one of the biggest sectors we work with. Many of our clients operate in this sector and have requirements that demand the most carefully thought-out solutions. As you know, aerospace is a fast-moving industry, so your production processes must be able to keep pace. And that’s where we come in. 

We can produce any parts or components you need, such as: 

  • Dashboards 
  • Lights 
  • Switches 
  • Knobs 

Or we can enhance your production line with the machinery you need to produce these parts or larger components, like wings, wheels, fuselages, etc. We’ve years of experience in this regard, so if you’d like to learn more, just give us a call today.   


Modern-day manufacturing is typified by the advent of automated processes. Nowadays, a larger, more efficient production line can be maintained with fewer staff and increased safety measures. For companies to stay competitive, automating production, assembly, and packing lines is necessary. 

We at Expert Technologies Group specialise in designing, developing, and deploying advanced manufacturing technologies. If your current setup is lagging behind, we can fully automate it or enhance it with machines built to your specification. Our technologies reduce labour costs, manpower, and increase safety, reliability, repeatability, and precision. 

Your setup will be enhanced with the latest technologies, and we ensure that everything is 100% futureproofed. So, as your setup grows or your requirements evolve, these technologies will remain current and relevant. 


The healthcare sector is a fast-moving industry in which advances are routinely made and product lifespans are often short. It can be difficult to stay ahead of the curve, which is why it can be hugely beneficial having a company like Expert Technologies Group to call on. We leverage best practice and technology advancement across sectors to bring acceleration without compromise. 

We boast an in-house healthcare team and we’re dedicated to supporting you from Proof of Principle to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). 

The Expert Technologies Group handles all healthcare requirements, from single machines to complete production line setups. We offer healthcare assembly systems, flexible automation, high-speed assembly, enhanced build to print, and more. We continually review new processes from across other sectors, making sure that healthcare clients can reap the benefits. 

And we remain committed to accelerating technology readiness, resulting in faster time to market. A crucial factor considering the short lifespans of many products in this sector. 

Why Choose Expert Technologies

If you’re looking for a global leader in intelligent technology solutions, look no further than Expert Technologies Group. Founded in 1972, we’ve been providing cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies for the last five decades. We excel in designing, manufacturing and deploying technologies worldwide, from automated assembly to assembly tooling, single- and multi-robotic cells, and special-purpose machinery. 

Established as D&M Engineering, our company has gone through countless changes over the last 50 years. In 2006, we became Expert Tooling & Automation and began supplying automation products by Expert Maschinebau to the UK market. Expert Technologies Group relocated facilities in 2001 following a merger in 1998. 

From 2001 onwards, we continued to innovate, finding new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations, supplying technologies that instigate positive improvement throughout their processes. Our commitment led to us gaining our ISO 9001 accreditation in 2002. We’ve upheld this status for the last two decades, continually passing audit inspections. 

We’ve continued to strive for excellence, securing large contracts and growing our presence. We built a new site in 2015 and in 2019, Expert Automation Technology GmbH was founded in Riedstadt, Germany. In 2021, the Expert Technologies Group was formed with Expert Tooling & Automation announced as the first Group subsidiary.  

Today, we operate as Expert Technologies Group, delivering state-of-the-art, tailored automated solutions that enhance our clients’ production processes. We’re proud to count many high-profile Blue-Chip companies as clients and a presence that stretches worldwide. We supply products across a wide range of markets, always striving for reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

If you require a holistic solution for your vehicle manufacturing setup, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch using the contact details below. You’ll be assured of honest, reliable service. We can quickly adapt, blending elements of our modular architecture to fulfil all your requirements. In short, we offer a bespoke solution that’s adapted for your business and completely futureproofed.  

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So, if your production line manufactures complete units, end of line testing should be a standard part of your setup. If your current EOL operating system is not up to scratch, consider a conversation with Expert Technologies Group. We ensure that our customers receive the best service by prioritising systems that offer the highest levels of precision. 

Through our collaborative approach, we endeavour to assist clients from start to finish in realising their goals and optimising their production processes. Through our clear production strategy (Develop, Design, Deploy, and Data Capture), we discover, direct, develop, and deliver ROI through a service strategy. 

We’re committed to enhancing your current EOL operating systems and would be delighted to have a conversation about it today. To get in touch with Expert Technologies Group ,call our team now on +44 (0247) 6428500, fill out our contact form or email We’ll reply to your written query as soon as possible.