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Coronavirus: £14m for firms to make ‘million face masks’ a week

ETG face mask

Coronavirus: £14m for firms to make ‘million face masks’ a week


ETG were pleased to have had the opportunity recently to assist Parmley Graham with a critical PPE manufacturing project. Our participation in this endeavour was to manage the project which, in turn, provided companies nationwide with millions of face masks. The production line which was put together for this project can be seen pictured and is capable of producing 80-100 masks per minute. It can make a total of 144,000 masks per day, ensuring adequate supply for the current pandemic.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside Parmley Graham, who provided automation guidance. They also provided the Siemens equipment that was required to make all this possible. And we’re grateful to have played our part in creating the all-important manufacturing system that’s helped the UK become self-sufficient in the supply of PPE.

If you would like to find out more about the work that was done, you can view the linked press release from Siemens, or read the article featuring ETG on The BBC.