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Controls Engineering

Are you searching for a controls engineering solution that will function in your business? Have you been looking for a competent team to deliver a control engineering system like no other? Then we are the perfect choice for you! We here at ETG are the lead in engineering automation systems, especially and specifically designed for anything you would need.  

 We were founded in 1972, and we are a well-known and well respected engineering provider to the automotive, powertrain, composites and light weighting, aerospace, medical, and energy industries! We are highly experienced with all kinds of companies as we manufacture specific machines for any purpose. Our mission is to incorporate the most advanced Manufacturing Technologies into our products and services. 

 Our skilled and experienced team members are dedicated to building strong and enduring connections with our clients! We pride ourselves on our outstanding control engineering services. To receive our control engineering services or to learn more about them, give us a call at 02476 428 500. You can also contact us by email at for any enquiries regarding our services, and our team will get back to you.  

Definition of Control Systems 

We are experts in engineering and manufacturing at ETG. One of our highly regarded services is our Control Systems. To put it simply, control systems are everywhere. These systems are invisible to the naked eye, yet they are used and utilised in almost all regulatory devices. 

Some great examples of control systems would be thermostats with temperature control in buildings, the cruise control function in a car, and the speed of a conveyor belt in a manufacturing facility. What control systems do is measure for an error signal before changing the system to reach the desired goal. 

This perfectly allows a machine to function without anyone operating it. This reduces costs, improves accuracy and quality of function for the system, and makes the function consistent in its output of work as it is completely automated and set up by our professional team of engineers. 

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Definition of Control Systems Engineering 

Perfectly made control systems are designed, manufactured, and installed by our impeccable expert engineers! Control system engineering is a specific engineering field specifically revolving around fully understanding the processes that control systems perform. Control System engineers set up these automated devices and have them implement their optimal operations. 

Control system engineering is a branch of engineering that’s particularly interesting to manufacturers looking for the best production solutions. This is where our services reach our clients, who enlist our engineers to moderate and design their control systems. Control systems engineering demands a team with a diverse skill set as well as access to a variety of computer systems in order to be successful.  

Modern control engineering involves the use of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems. In addition, high order equations are important in modern control engineering techniques, which allows for more diversity and accurate management of novel systems. 


Control Systems Engineers’ Roles and Responsibilities  

When you are looking for a control systems engineer to do the right job, then our team are the perfect candidates for you. Our trusted control system engineers are fully trained and specialised in their field.  

Their roles and responsibilities fall into the production and automation line as they work in the manufacturing environment. The majority of manufacturing lines have a variety of distinct components. This involves both technological and human components such as robots, vision systems, and other devices. All of these components are integrated and coordinated by a Control Systems Engineer to guarantee that they function properly.  

Here at ETG, we care for quality, efficiency, and consistency in our service. Whatever goal you would like to achieve, our engineers will ensure that you reach it! 

Contact the Expert team to discuss your requirements.

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Skills Needed to Become a Control Engineer  

ETG has only the most qualified control system engineers in our controls engineering division. Therefore, our engineers need to meet certain criteria in order to become qualified for the job and position. In addition, our engineers have degree qualifications in electrical engineering as it is essential to qualify a position as a control system engineer.   

We at ETG also value a wider range of achievements and skills such as: 

  • Experience and education in Automation and control technologies and systems. These include Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, as well as SCADA systems. 
  • Software Development skills such as Java and C++ are highly preferred.  
  • Strong base and abilities in math – every project is different and requires different approaches, and that is why our engineers must be highly proficient in mathematics. 
  • Communication skills – this skill is important for any control system engineer as they need to work on all aspects of a project. 
  • Knowledge of network services, such as LAN, WAN, WLAN, VPN, and other options. Given the rising usage of remote access and monitoring on manufacturing lines, this is becoming increasingly critical. 

To make sure we are only offering you the best controls engineering services possible, every engineer that applies to ETG goes through a very thorough recruitment process, and we make sure to assess these engineers on the preferred skills mentioned above.  


Types of Control Engineering  

We know that control engineering has made its way into many aspects of life as it has developed and changed over time. Control engineering approaches have diverged, with certain methods being more suited for specific scenarios than others. As a result, over time, various areas of control engineering have emerged. ETG is well versed in the various schools of engineering and confident in our ability to express this different expertise to meet our client’s best standards and wishes for their projects.  

Our Engineers are of many different schools of teaching and different branches of engineering, such as Classical, Modern, Adaptive, Nonlinear, Robust, and Optimal control engineering. Moreover, we at ETG know that no two projects are alike. Thus they need the most specific care and knowledge held by our professional engineers! 


 Classical Control Engineering

One of the many specialities of engineering we have here at ETG is Classical Control Engineers. Ordinary differential equations are commonly used in traditional control engineering systems. These equations are converted and analysed in a transformed domain in traditional control engineering. Laplace transform, z transform, and Fourier transform are some instances of classical control engineering in practice. The use of single input and single output systems is the most practical method of classical control engineering. 

Modern Control Engineering

Systematically, engineering control systems require the calculation of many variables at once. This may prove to be a challenge, but in the eyes of our modern control engineers, it is their playing field! 

Engineering taken a step further leads you to Modern control engineering here at ETG.  This type of engineering is more complex as it allows for multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Higher order differential equations are reduced to first order differential equations in this approach of control engineering. These equations are solved using a method akin to the vector approach, which allows for the solution of a large number of more complicated differential equations. Several methods in modern control engineering are certain to be beneficial to sophisticated businesses. 

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Adaptive Control Engineering

For a control system to function properly, it must be able to change and operate on its own due to preset parameters chosen by our trusty engineers and our clients. Therefore, we are adaptive in our work, especially our adaptive control engineering specialists.  

Adaptive control engineering makes use of adaptive controllers, which define parameters that are adaptive through a process. Several replaceable elements are shifted about in these increasingly complicated systems in order to get the desired result. The primary distinction between these control systems and others is that they provide an extra loop for parameter modification in addition to the normal process feedback. 

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Nonlinear Control Engineering

Sometimes the answers aren’t as straightforward as we want them to be. Fear not, as ETG has specialists for all your needs. We have Engineers who are experts in nonlinear control engineering. 

Nonlinear control engineering is a branch of control engineering that focuses on nonlinearities that can’t be described by more linear equations. Multiple isolated equilibrium points, bifurcations with limited escape time, and limit cycles will all be present in such a system. One of the most significant drawbacks of this technique is that it necessitates mathematical analysis, which necessitates the division of the system into linear and nonlinear parts. 

Robust Control Engineering  

Some of our engineers here at ETG specialise in robust control engineering. Robust control engineering is focused on handling changes in any given aspect within a system. When that change happens to a parameter that is being measured to keep it completely optimised, it is reevaluated and changed accordingly. This sort of control engineering will aid in improving performance stability as well as discovering alternatives. As a result, when it comes to robust control engineering, elements like the environment, sounds, internal errors, and more are all taken into account to assist decrease system faults. 

Optimal Control Engineering  

We previously mentioned that one of the requirements for being a good control engineer is high mathematical abilities. This is very crucial and true when working in an industrial environment where efficiency is key, and optimisation is what keeps businesses like ours and our client’s function. This is why optimal control engineering is also one of our highlighted engineering specialities.  

In optimal control engineering, the problem is formulated as a mathematical model of the process, as well as the physical limitations. By approaching control engineering in this manner, organisations may reduce their cost function. Optimal control engineering is thus excellent for businesses aiming to save operational expenses by devising an optimal production solution. 

Why come to ETG for all your Controls Engineering needs 

In everyday modern technology, control systems automation is a must as they exist everywhere without being seen by the human eye. These control systems keep processes running smoothly in the background without us even noticing. Similarly to how your air conditioner or heater works by setting parameters for it as it tries to maintain that specific room temperature, more sophisticated industrial machines do the same to keep all processes running smoothly.  

We at ETG are here to ensure that everything always runs smoothly! ETG has around 50 years of experience in all engineering-related services. From engineering design, simulation, inspection, tooling solutions, and fully automated solutions to coming back to our controls engineering. We pride ourselves on a highly experienced and professional team of control engineers! Moreover, we offer automation services such as assembly automation and robotic experience. These engineers have the qualities and educational qualifications to be servicing you to the best of their abilities. A degree in electrical engineering and experience in their specific fields is something we guarantee.  

For any kind of project, we have a different engineer that is perfectly fit to service you and design, install, and maintain your own control system. Our engineers vary in expertise as we have 6 different types of control system engineering here at ETG. We aim to provide you with the most critical, efficient, and optimised services for all your control system needs. We ensure you get your money’s worth when working with ETG and our superb team of impeccable engineers. 

Contact Us for Controls Engineering  

Are you looking for a control engineering system that will function in your office? Have you been looking for a qualified team of engineers to deliver a control engineering system like this? Then what are you waiting for? We here at ETG are your best choice for control system engineering services. Contact us when you are ready and confident to have a control system installed. We cater to every client with the utmost care to the tiniest details. After getting in contact with you, our professional staff will collect any and all the details they need at length to provide you with all your control system needs!  

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call right away on 02476 428 500 for any enquiries regarding our control system engineering services. Alternatively, you can send us an email at, and we will be sure to get back to you at our earliest convenience.