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Controls Engineering

ETG can provide controls engineering solutions for bespoke and turnkey projects.

From manual assembly systems to fully automated production systems, our team of experts will have you covered every step of the way for an unbeatably comprehensive solution.

Electrical Design

ETG have vast experience in electrical system design using EPLAN P8 in 2D and 3D in accordance with the end user’s requirements and standards whilst fully compliant with EN60204-1 and EN13849-1.

We can create CE, EMC and LV compliant systems including reverse engineering of non-CE compliant systems from other international markets.

ETG Electrical Design
ETG Fluid Design

Fluids Design

Fluid power system design with pneumatics according to EN4414 and Hydraulics according to EN4413, ETG produce using EPLAN Fluid and Festo FluidDraw.

We can design fluid systems, taking into account the most energy-efficient use of power and consumption.


Electrical Assembly

The wiring and piping of tooling, fixtures and general special-purpose bespoke machinery for electrical assembly.

Contact the ETG team to discuss your requirements.

ETG Electrical Assembly
ETG Control Panel Manufacture

Control Panel Manufacture

ETG manufactures high-quality bespoke and series production cabinets for a variety of different industries.

We can accommodate the client’s specifications for preferred components, layouts, build techniques as well as custom colour finishes.

All panel systems are fully CE and EMC compliant and thoroughly tested prior to delivery and integration into any existing production systems.

Virtual Commissioning

ETG provide simulation through digital virtual commissioning environments in the form of a digital twin to prove the complete automation system and mechanical kinematics prior to the building of the machine.

Machines can be fully tested for:

  • Automatic operation with and without the product
  • Manual controls, including maintenance override and interventions
  • Safety testing, emergency stops, lightguards, access gates, etc.
  • HMI graphics and messaging
  • Robot functionality, external interfaces, collision zones, safety zones
  • Electrical hardware checks, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.


  • The end-user can realise the system operations and adjust the specifications prior to the installation
  • No on-site design and development
  • All programmable code, PLC, Robot, Safety, proven
  • Fast on-site commissioning
  • Quick achievement for production within designed cycle time

Furthermore, this can be expanded to the world of Virtual Reality, whereby machine operators can interact with the machine and then load or unload products for process flow, sequence validation and machine training.

ETG virtual commissioning

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ETG installation


ETG supports electrical installations for small bespoke special purpose machines, up to large scale production lines and facilities on customer sites. Appropriate cable management and containment techniques, low and high level installs are all possible with respect to the mechanical and thermal surroundings.

Segregation requirements are respected for power and data systems, equipotential bonding for electrical safety and EMC compliance for sensitive systems.

ETG PLC Software Design & Commissioning

Please contact the ETG team to discuss Controls Engineering.

PLC Software Design & Commissioning

ETG has vast experience of software engineering across multiple platforms for a variety of systems, both large and small.

We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements for functionality, operation, maintainability, traceability, high-level monitoring and deploy those into the Expert automation systems.

We can provide solutions within Siemens, Rockwell and Omron platforms amongst others, for PLC control and HMI visualisations.
Onboard programmable safety systems and Ethernet based fieldbus networks (ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP) are commonly used in most modern architectures.

Integrated motion and drive solutions utilising Siemens, SEW, Rockwell, and others.

ETG supports the complete functional life-cycle from specifications, design, virtual commissioning, implementation, onsite commissioning to FAT customer acceptance and continuation of support for day to day running, planned maintenance and breakdowns.


ETG can provide SCADA solutions for hierarchical control, monitoring and supervision of plants.

Integration into MES systems for production scheduling, build plans , etc, and provide visualisations on large plant screens and cloud-based systems for production monitoring and maintenance purposes.

ETG PLC Software Design & Commissioning

Please contact the ETG team to discuss Controls Engineering.

Robot Programming

ETG has vast experience and knowledge of integration of industrial, collaborative (CoBot) and Scara robotic systems. Particularly with ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kawasaki, Kuka, Universal Robots.

We can provide robot programming services for all industries across a wide variety of applications, material handling, gluing, bolting, riveting, welding, general assembly, etc.

In addition, we can recommend in detail robotic systems for your application and the task in hand. Right from delivery, we are able to configure systems from the ground up, including the creation of bespoke applications, commission and optimise the systems for efficient automated manufacturing.

Realisation of OLP simulations (RobCAD) from the virtual world, including coordinated multi robot, multi axis systems, including cartesian space safety monitoring for operator protection.