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Expert Composite & Lightweight Technologies

The growing popularity of using composite materials in a lightweight construction has become a megatrend not just in the automotive industry, but also in aerospace and construction sectors. Composite materials such as carbon and glass fibre reinforced polymers can significantly reduce the weight of the structural components and cut energy consumption and CO2 emission. The lightweight and flexible features of the composites has made it one of the most promising alternatives for conventional metallic structure.

Expert has many years of experience in developing new technologies for lightweight construction using composites materials. With close collaboration with leading academic and industry partners across the UK and Europe, we combine advanced technology with industrial know-how to create unique and innovative solutions to suit your needs. From bespoke composite moulding tools, end effectors to multi-material handling and joining, you can rely on our experience to deliver high-quality components and cost-effective manufacture processes. No matter what your demands are, we are always pleased to have a discussion.

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Mould Tools

Design, manufacture and commissioning of mould tools for all volume composite manufacturing (pre-form, compression, RTM, HP-RTM, DDF), along with support from partners offering simulation services for tool compensation, mould flow analysis, structural analysis and forming simulation.


Design, manufacture and commissioning of end effector tools for all composite manufacturing processes (plies, stacks, pre-form load/unload, mould load/unload, post moulding processes etc.)

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Material Handling

Design, manufacture and commissioning of material handling solutions for all composite manufacturing processes (material rolls, creels, individual plies, ply stacks, in-process load/unload systems, integration into mould tool design for process optimisation and material utilisation)

Research and Development

Expert is proactively engaging in the development of solutions to the projected problems industry are likely to face. We have built strong relationships with HVM Catapult centres across the UK and is working collaboratively in support of national centres of excellence. By partnering in multiple funded/collaborative and commercial research projects, we can support cross-industry/academic research projects in wide-ranging topics including material light-weighting, joining and electrification. We are looking into various areas of industrialisation of lower TRL research outputs from Universities and Industrial research organisations, and providing support to existing customer requirements.