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Company Announcement – Rob Angus

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Company Announcement – Rob Angus

Expert Technologies Group is pleased to introduce Rob Angus as our General Manager in China.

Rob has over 20 years’ experience within the automation industry covering a diverse range of sectors and has long term operational experience in China.
Rob’s strong commercial, technical and project management skills have overseen the successful delivery of many significant and complex programmes in different global locations.

With a deep understanding of automation, manufacturing, and production within the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Special Purpose Automation sectors, Rob is ideally suited to the dynamic Asian market.
Capable of building a consensus around a clear purpose, and with a high priority placed on people, Rob has a structured, yet dynamic approach to business transformation, programme management and cost control.

Utilising knowledge and experience, that runs across industrial specialisms, Rob has the ability to develop and manage solutions to complex problems.