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Company Announcement – Ian Snape

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Company Announcement – Ian Snape

Expert Technologies Group is pleased to introduce Ian Snape as Director of Automated Solutions Engineering.

Ian has over 20 years of Engineering and Automation experience and started his Expert journey 11 years ago as a Process Engineer. Having spent time in Design Leadership, Site Commissioning and Project Management, Ian grew an Engineering department adding and enhancing multiple functional skillsets for robust new technology routes to market and well-rounded engineering exploration across a diverse number of industry platforms.

Ian is passionate about Engineering pathways and knowledge-sharing flow through the Expert community and with academic institutes. He has championed Expert’s graduate and apprenticeship programmes since its conception 10 years ago.

Ian says: “The pooling of academic knowledge and industry experience will always bring tomorrow’s dawn. What I can show our engineers and trainees is the opportunities at Expert to realise their potential. What they teach me on a regular basis is truly amazing. The route from automation challenges to Automation Solutions is a team effort that inspires me every single day.”