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Collaborative Robots, a first for Jaguar Land Rover

ETG collaborative robotics

Collaborative Robots, a first for Jaguar Land Rover

Collaborative Robots, a first for Jaguar Land RoverExpert Technologies Group designed, manufactured and installed the first collaborative robot to arrive at Castle Bromwich in a first for Jaguar Land Rover.

Cobots as the name implies work in collaboration with the operator, the main thing you’ll notice is that it is much smaller than the other robots in the area. There is no big fence, nor roller doors to keep people away from it, resulting in a much smaller overall footprint on the factory floor.

This is possible is because unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots are fitted with sensors that detect objects in their path. They also have other safety controls like soft round ergonomic edges and they must also meet strict pressure force tests to operate around people.

All this in the simplest terms means, it will gently stop if you get in its way.

This awareness enables people and cobots to safely share the same workspace and perform tasks collaboratively, or as in C Block the cobot applies sealant while its operator Ray Hobbs cracks on with other tasks.