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CNC Fixtures

Are you looking to acquire CNC milling or CNC drilling machines? Perhaps you require machines to assist with turning or machining? Or maybe you require some other CNC machining solution. Whatever the need, you’ve come to the right place for CNC fixtures as we at ETG devise highly efficient and creative solutions for all our clients’ needs.   

Our reputation precedes us, with us being the go-to company for a number of industries. Clients highly respect our expertise and established position in the market as the leading engineering supplier in the sectors listed below. We have amassed more than 40 years of experience in the automotive, powertrain, composites and light-weighting, aerospace, medical, energy, FMCG and OEM sectors.   

Our aim is to provide our clients with the most advanced manufacturing technologies to give them an edge against their competitors. Read on to learn more about CNC fixtures, and what we can do to help you with our automation solutions. Alternatively, phone us on 02476 428 500.  

The Leading Developer of CNC Fixtures 

Here at ETG, we consider it a point of pride that we’re regarded as the UK’s top manufacturer of fixtures for clamping, workholding, and many other purposes. From CNC milling to CNC machining and turning, whatever your requirements might be, rest assured we can devise the right machines for your production line. We can also handle these processes internally if you’d prefer to outsource these processes to someone else.  

Since being founded in 1972, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength. Today, we’re regarded as the leading authority on advanced manufacturing technologies that automate and optimise internal processes for our clients. Thanks to our comprehensive range of capabilities, we’re able to accommodate all workholding requirements. CNC machines play a vital role in numerous manufacturing processes, and we make sure that your production line is fully equipped with the best machines available.  

Get In Touch

We adopt an entirely bespoke approach, taking the time to sit with you to discuss your specific requirements. So whether you’re looking to outsource workholding and other CNC-related tasks to us or to have new machines built for your internal processes, we’ve got you covered. We’ll assign a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entire process, serving as a point of contact and ensuring the timely completion of all work to a high standard.  

You can be assured of innovative solutions as we’ve positioned ourselves perfectly within the market, regardless of the sector you operate in. And we’ve adopted a process-oriented approach, ensuring that the machines you receive are designed with your needs in mind, both current and future.  


Bespoke Clamping and Workholding Fixtures and So More 

CNC machines, such as those used for clamping and workholding, are designed for very specific purposes. While not complex, they aren’t the simplest of things to design and fabricate. If not built to a high standard, they may prove unfit for the required tasks. At ETG, we possess a full suite of in-house CNC capabilities, making us the perfect company to outsource tasks that required functions such as clamping and workholding.  

Alternatively, if you would like to upgrade your own production processes, we’re the company to speak to regarding bespoke clamping and workholding fixtures and more. We’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements. You’ll then be provided with a FREE, no-obligation quotation following this discussion.  

What are CNC Fixtures?

CNC milling or turning fixtures are common in devices or workpieces that are used in manufacturing to resist large cutting forces, hold and position the piece, guide the tool when cutting, make sure operation goes smoothly, and produce continuous exchangeability and convenience in parts. Fixtures are mostly outlined of two constituents, one is fixed to the machine and immobile, and the other is a movable clamp or sometimes clamps. These fixtures for CNC machines are made of stainless, mild, and alloy steel materials that have various sizes and designs. Our main goal is to boost the economy.   

The backbone of structured machining is the correct use and selection of CNC fixtures. Before deciding on the CNC clamp, we must acknowledge the features of mechanical filtering and the fixtures’ types. The mechanical production involves multiple varieties, small, single-piece batch, and less variety large batch. CNC fixtures exist in many types, and the main ones are Modular fixtures, hydraulic or pneumatic fixtures, or electromagnetic fixtures.   

To begin with, a modular fixture contains a chain of machine tool components with a standard design with various sizes and purposes. You can gather many types of modern fixtures following the processing conditions that will save time for designing and constructing. This modular fixture will make the preparation and construction cycle shorter and enhance production efficiency. It is very convenient for small-batch products with complicated shapes because of its clamping compatibility, accurate positioning, and reusable characteristics.   

Also, there’s a hydraulic/pneumatic fixture that is a work-holding tool that needs air or oil pressure as the source of power, and it uses its components to support, compress and locate the workpiece. The clamps of the hydraulic/pneumatic fixture can determine the workpiece position between the tool and cutters in a quick and precise way, making sure the machining and positioning are accurate.   

Moreover, the clamping and positioning are fast, saving precious time. It also has a dense structure, available in automatic control, fast cutting, and multi-point clamping that is convenient for CNC machining centres with large processing scales.     

Furthermore, the electromagnetic fixture has benefited from its multi-position clamping that’s easy to realise, quick, reliable, and stable clamping, multiple surface processing that saves a lot of energy, and automatic control. It is convenient for both small and large batch production.  

How Do CNC Fixtures Work?  

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a process in which digitised data is taken, and a computer and CAM programme is used to control, automate, and monitor the movements of a machine. This is an invaluable part of workholding processes, such as CNC machining, milling, drilling, and turning. In fact, the machine that’s being controlled can be a: 

  • Lathe  
  • Milling Machine  
  • Router  
  • Welder  
  • Grinder  
  • Laser  
  • Waterjet Cutter  
  • Sheet Metal Stamping Machine  
  • Robot  
  • And More  

Larger machines are usually equipped with a dedicated onboard controller that’s used to programme all machining functions. The CNC controller works in tandem with a series of drive and motor components, moving and controlling the machine axes and executing the programmed motions. In addition, industrial machines usually feature a sophisticated feedback system that continually monitors and makes adjustments to the cutter’s speed and position.   

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Benefits of Using CNC Fixtures  

The benefits of CNC machining versus manual workholding include:  

  • Greater Accuracy  
  • Increased Production Speed and Efficiency  
  • Improved Safety  
  • More Cost-Effective  

Assembly Tooling  

We at ETG understand that robust jigs and fixtures in the manufacturing industry are like bricks and stones in the building industry. You can rely on our team to come up with creative solutions for all your CNC workholding requirements to meet the challenges you’re facing in your operations, especially when advanced tooling is concerned.   

We specialise in a wide range of fixtures assembly options. Our services are primarily based on what our customers need in terms of the assembly of fixtures. From the initial stages of concept design to the final touches of your fixtures plan, we will have your back every step of the way throughout your fixtures journey.     

Our team of experts have been pioneers in providing everything that is required by a CNC. We have all your CNC needs covered from gauges, fixtures, wood and composites, gigs, and even press tooling. Our CNC professionals have acquired over 40 years of experience and are more than willing to help you navigate through your new venture.  

Assembly Automation Solutions 

If you have a limitation in your operations and manufacturing that can be solved with assembly automation solutions, then you’ve come to the right place. Our industrial solutions are well-rounded, and they include Automated Product Assembly, Packaging Machinery, Robotic Processes, Assembly Tooling, Special Purpose Machining, CNC machines, and System Reprogramming.    

Our range of expertise might surprise you, but our 40-year experience across multiple industries has equipped us with problem-solving skills and invaluable knowledge so that no project complexity or size can stand in our way. Each industry has its own purposes that require assembly lines. But they have one common benefit: automation eliminates repetitive tasks and lets your workers focus on more urgent and important matters while minimising human error from start to finish.   

For example, the automotive industry uses our assembly product lines to mass-produce components like fuel systems, motors, gearboxes, and pumps. Even better, our automation processes are superior to traditional ones since they protect your workers in the factory. Our robotics and vision systems create an ergonomic and error-free operation that guarantees consistently high quality.    

 Bespoke Tooling Made Easy  

As we highlighted before, jigs and fixtures are vital components that boost productivity and streamline operations, but they need to be user-friendly at the factory level. Our experts focus on specific areas like working environment, tolerances, volume needed per day, and customer experience and expectations when bespoke tooling design is concerned.   

For instance, our engineers study the conditions around the workers. For instance, they need to know their overall understanding of jigs and fixtures and how frequently they use them throughout a given timeline. Also, other factors like the accuracy, repeatability, and precision required for the fixture need to be defined before the design phase is initiated.   

From the simplest of designs of framing systems and prototype tooling to the most complex CNC fixtures, ing gauges, press tooling, and PCF tooling, we’ve seen it all. To ensure that your tooling project is completed with the expected deadline and budget, we assign a project manager that will oversee the daily operations and tasks of the members working on your project. He will be the main point of contact to streamline the communication between the team assigned to your project and us.   

If you have concerns or sudden changes, your project manager will be the one to reach out to in order to resolve all issues.    

Our Other Capabilities  

With our ability to create market-leading CNC drilling, milling, turning, and machining solutions, it’s no wonder those seeking clamping and workholding fixtures come to us. But our capabilities don’t end there, as we can devise solutions for clients spanning many other industries, including:  

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Contact Us for The Number One CNC Fixtures

Here at ETG, our seasoned team has used CNC fixtures for years and has designed and developed tailored solutions for all our clients that needed automatic CNC milling, CNC machining, CNC drilling, CNC tooling equipment, and much more. We are committed to bringing you high-quality, long-lasting fixtures to help your business thrive. We have taken a special interest in CNC technologies since we believe their flexibility will result in increasing demand in the future, even though they’re not new like 3D printers.    

If you need to develop new CNC fixtures or use our advanced tooling for your machining, give us a call on 02476 428 500, complete our online contact form, or send us an email at We can answer all your inquiries and guide you through our service. CNC machines are vital in manufacturing industries because they’re the main reason metal can be machined in such flexible ways to bring cars or aeroplanes to life.  

Why Choose ETG to Supply CNC Fixtures Such as Workholding Fixtures?  

Since 1972, our ever-growing team of seasoned engineers has been delivering superior solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. ETG is ready to guide you through your tooling challenge from conception to manufacturing regardless of your industry.   

Even better, your requirements can be anything from complex solutions that original equipment manufacturers need or the most basic of solutions. For example, you might want to enquire about a simple CNC fixture, an automated riveting machine, a whole production line, or a well-rounded CNC machine for mass production. We’re here to help you out.   

It’s no wonder that our superior services make us the UK’s top manufacturer of industrial automation solutions and assemblies, assembly tooling, special-purpose machinery, and CNC fixture manufacturing. You’ll find that working with us brings comfort and convenience in the long term. For instance, our shipping is extremely fast since we deal with the best shipping companies, and we have facilities outside of the UK for our international clients.   

We have partnered with many scientific research institutions such as Warwick University and Innovate UK that helps us stay at the forefront of engineering solutions, including the tiniest details in CNC machines. Don’t worry about your investment because we take your specifications and budgetary limitations into consideration.  

Highly Accredited Specialists  

Even better, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products since we adhere to strict guidelines. We are proud to have received endorsements from CHAS and UKAS, who accredited our team and facilities. Health and safety guidelines are our top priorities, and even the newest of employees are trained to have a quality-centred and people-centric mindset.