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Are you looking to upgrade your business’s production line with cutting-edge advanced manufacturing technologies? Or maybe your business manufactures measuring gauges, and you’re looking to outsource this to someone else. Or perhaps you wish to upgrade your own inspection gauges. Whatever the request, you can trust that ETG has it covered. We’ve made it our mission to bring to market top-tier, bespoke measuring, inspection, and manufacturing technologies that are the best in class. 

We can upgrade your production processes, handle gauge manufacturing on your behalf or fabricate replacement gauges for your operations. We can develop a whole host of options tailored to your requirements. Our prices are competitive, so you won’t end up spending a fortune. And you’ll be working with a project manager throughout who will assist you and see that your job request is completed to your satisfaction. To find out more, call ETG today on +44 2476 428 500

The Leading Developer of Checking Gauges 

As the leading developer of measuring gauges, ETG enjoys an excellent status as one of the number one manufacturers of high-spec measuring, inspection, and manufacturing technologies. As our name implies, we excel in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies (AMT). If you’re investigating possible checking gauge manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the important role these gauges play in day-to-day operations. Perhaps your current gauges are old and inefficient. 

Or maybe your company produces gauges and is looking for a way to reduce costs or improve production. Whatever the case may be, if you need a solution, you’ve come to the right place. Here at ETG, we take immense pride in taking a problem and devising a solution. We design, fabricate and deploy measuring, inspection, and manufacturing technologies globally. We’ve positioned ourselves carefully to ensure that we supply the market with the innovative technologies that it requires. 

Our process-oriented approach assures customers that when they come to us, they’ll receive products built with their requirements firmly in mind. 

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Cutting-Edge Measuring and Inspection Equipment 

At ETG, we design, manufacture, and deploy state-of-the-art measuring gauges designed with the purpose of providing a benchmark for a specified device’s performance. Regardless of what your needs might be, you can count on the ETG team to keep those needs squarely in focus. To ensure that you receive the right technologies, we take the time to understand your situation, your needs, and your goals. 

Our experts will liaise with you, ask questions, listen to your ideas, and present you with advice and recommendations. They’ll work closely with you to develop a concept that is sure to satisfy your requirements. These could be new technologies that upgrade your production line. Or it could be a new type of measuring gauge to supply to your customers or to enhance your own machinery. 

All our products are cutting-edge and engineered with the future in mind. This means that if your needs should ever change or expand, you won’t need to replace your gauges. 

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What are Checking Gauges? 

Checking gauges are instruments that are used to measure a device’s performance and provide a benchmark. They are often used to indicate whether a machine is performing at normal levels or whether there’s an issue present. For instance, a gauge can indicate if a machine is overheating. Measurements are taken at regular intervals in order to accurately gauge whether a machine is approaching its designed tolerance thresholds. 

Once a measurement has been recorded, the gauge is designed to recalibrate. Previously collected data is stored to allow for checks for accuracy and repeatability. The process can be automated, making it very efficient and cost-effective. With the correct gauges in mind, processes can be monitored closely, machinery capabilities and productivity maintained, and any issues alerted to quickly.  

Inspection gauges are one type that can be fabricated by ETG. These monitor the internal workings, ensuring that everything is working correctly and that targeted projections are being met. Through these gauges, users can obtain the data they need to ensure that all processes are running as they should. By having this level of monitoring in place, users can ensure consistent and reliable quality across the board. 

Such gauges come in different shapes and sizes and can be easily adapted to existing machinery. This makes it easy to upgrade existing production lines with cutting-edge gauges without spending a fortune or having to rebuild or modify entire sections. If you wish to request something that is individualised, we’re more than happy to create a customised gauge to suit your requirements. All gauges are thoroughly tested. 

To measure diameters and hole depths, one would typically utilise an aperture inspection scale. These scales sport a metallic silhouette that’s engraved with clear and concise measurements. These measurements cannot be eroded by rust or extended use. With these tools, users can take fast and accurate readings of aperture width. These tools are portable and can be easily carried around for on-the-spot inspections. 

If your business deals with manufacturing gauges and you’re looking to outsource, we can help. If you manufacture gauges and wish to upgrade your production line, we can help. And if you’re looking to upgrade your own checking gauges, we can help with this too. Get in touch with ETG today to find out more about our extensive capabilities and to see what we can do for your business.  

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Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you with aperture gauges? Then get in touch with ETG today by calling us on 02476 428 500.

Other Services Available 

In addition to checking gauges, we at ETG are well-placed to manufacture a wide range of advanced manufacturing, testing, and inspection technologies, including: 

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our capabilities, so if what you’re after isn’t listed above, give ETG a call now to make further enquiries. 

 Why Come to ETG for Measuring Gauges? 

At ETG, we’re delighted to be considered by so many clients worldwide as the definitive choice for advanced manufacturing, testing, and inspection technologies. For over half a century, we’ve been driving innovation, working side-by-side with clients to provide them with the solutions they need. Whether you’re looking to augment your production processes, outsource, or replace your current checking gauges, we’re here to help. 

We are very much at the top of our game, able to develop a wide range of technological solutions, from blood sampling machinery and laser trackers to checking gauges. We can even develop entirely new production and assembly lines or take manufacturing processes in-house. Our team remains committed to exceeding customer expectations and delivering quality service and products that exceed ISO 9001:2008 standards. 

Our access to cutting-edge 3D printing allows for an endless choice of customisable options. Changes can be proposed and implemented quickly using state-of-the-art software. Everything can be effortlessly managed, from prototype to complete product finishes. We can produce the highest quality 3D printing services, encompassing checking aperture gauges, ring gauges, setting fixtures, PCF equipment, and more! And we provide incredible aftersales support, the likes of which you won’t find elsewhere. 

Aftersales Support 

On the subject of aftersales support, we at ETG don’t consider the job done once we’ve delivered your products. In fact, you can always call on us whenever you need something. We provide support in a range of capacities, from extensive spares packages and service contracts to preventative maintenance schedules. 

With ETG, you’ll always be assured of the right solutions and the best support at affordable prices. 

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Backed by five decades’ worth of experience, ETG are undoubtedly the go-to company for quality testing and inspection equipment. Our knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies leaves us well-positioned to deliver bespoke solutions engineered with expansion and futureproofing in mind. Whatever your requirements may be, know that we can design and fabricate checking gauges that are the best in class. 

We remain committed to upholding the strong relationships we’ve established with our clients and developing relationships with new clients moving forward. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your own gauge-making production line. Or maybe you’re looking to outsource the mass production of checking gauges. Or maybe you’re looking to procure new gauges for your own uses. 

Whatever the reason, the company to call is ETG. To get started, phone us on +44 2476 428 500. Alternatively, you can get in touch using a written method. Fill out our online contact form or email