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ETG has industry leading, in-house joining expertise with the knowledge and experience to encompass all joining techniques. Whether the process being considered is SPR, RSW, FDS, MiG, TiG, CMT or sealing and adhesive applications, ETG can provide the support and assistance you require from process development through implementation and post launch support.

We can also work closely with the end user during product development to confirm and verify joining parameters in an R&D / SE environment.

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Please contact the ETG team to discuss your manufacturing requirements.

Framing Systems

The framing stage of car body manufacture is at the core of the BIW manufacturing process where the geometry of the framed car body is determined and as such the repeatability of the system is intrinsic to the quality of the end product.

From low volume manually operated gate arrangements through to high volume fully automated systems combining multi model auto change capability, ETG can design, manufacture, install and commission framing systems to suit specific client requirements and have done so for some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

Weld Cells

Whether the requirement is for a simple manually loaded single fixture welding cell or for fully automated multi-model flexible robotic welding cells, ETG can provide the expertise required from concept engineering, through design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and post launch support.

ETG weld cells

Pilot Facilities

ETG has provided prototype tooling to numerous automotive manufacturers and where required the process development and skilled resource to manage and build the prototypes assemblies through the facility.

We can provide various types of prototype tooling concepts from dedicated tools to flexible quick turnaround systems to suit the individual client’s needs and volume requirements.

Roller Hemming

Roller hemming, primarily used for closure assemblies, offers a predominantly more flexible and often a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional tabletop hemming method.

ETG can offer robot mounted roller hemming systems from initial feasibility & concept engineering, through design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, quality maturation and post launch support to suit the individual customer requirements.

ETG roller hemming

From initial concept engineering through the full engineering design and simulation process, complete manufacture, installation, commissioning and ongoing service support beyond job 1, ETG can provide the full turnkey partnership required.


At ETG we can offer the full range of services and technologies required to support the complete body assembly process. From individual subassembly cells through underbody, bodysides, framing, re-spot, roof fit, closures, or cladding.

Whether the requirement is to integrate a model year change, introduce an additional derivative into an existing facility or to provide for a complete new bodyshop, our expertise and experience can be tailored to provide the required support throughout.

From initial concept engineering, through the full engineering design and simulation process, manufacture, installation, commissioning, quality maturation and ongoing service and maintenance support beyond launch – ETG can provide a full turnkey partnership solution.

Re-Spot Lines

The team at ETG have significant expertise and experience to provide the right level of support for re-spot, re-rivet, re-weld lines whether the requirement is for a new facility or integrating changes into an existing line – ETG can provide the full turnkey package to support your specific needs.

re-spot lines ETG
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With many years of specialist BIW assembly tooling experience to draw upon, ETG can provide tooling solutions for all applications. Whether the requirement is for a simple manual tool or a complex fully automated assembly fixture we can provide the right solution. This can be achieved using ETG’s own tooling standard modules or working to specific customer defined standards.