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Have you spent hours online looking for an engineering business that specialises in bespoke roboticsRest assured as ETG is here to offer you the solution you’ve been waiting for. You can get your project started today by calling us on 02476 428 500 or reading below! 

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Robotics System

Welcome to ETG where we can provide you with a wide variety of different robotics systems, tailored to suit your specific needs, whatever they may beOur solutions are robust and creative, guaranteed to increase your productivity! 

We possess extensive engineering knowledge due to our 40+ years of experience in the business, which makes our team the ideal provider of robotics systems for your company. We will ensure a seamless integration of the robotic solution into your existing automation system. 

With ETG handling your project, you’ll be able to choose between all of the following options, depending on your goals and specifications: 

  • 4 and 6 Axis Industrial Bespoke Robots 
  • Collaborative Robots 
  • Cartesian Robots 
  • Delta Robots and Part Picking Robots 
  • Vision Guided Robots 

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and 6 Axis Industrial Robots 

A robot system used predominantly in the manufacturing sector, the typical applications here include welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, picking and placing, packaging and labelling, palletising, product inspection and general testing. 

Collaborative Bespoke Robotics 

Sometimes referred to as cobots, collaborative robots are intended for direct human interaction within a shared space. 

Cartesian Bespoke Robotics 

Often called a linear robot, a cartesian coordinate robot has a mechanical arrangement that simplifies the robot control arm solution, making it very reliable and precise when operating in a three-dimensional space. 

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Delta Robots and Part Picking Robots 

The key design feature here is the use of parallelograms in the arms, which maintains the orientation of the end effector, enabling them to execute up to 300 picks per minute. 

Vision Guided Bespoke Robotics 

A VGR system refers to a robot fitted with one or multiple cameras used as sensors to provide a secondary feedback signal to the controller in order to accurately move to a variable target position. 

Your Dream Team for Bespoke Robots 

Of course, all projects related to bespoke robotics start with an informal chat where our team members aim to find out more about your exact requirements. No strings attached whatsoever, so reach out to us at your earliest convenience! 


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Are you now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re the only UK-based team to call when it comes to bespoke roboticsIn that case, don’t wait any longer to get in touch with us by either calling 02476 428 500 or sending a quick message through our online contact form – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with more information! 

Reasons to Choose ETG 

ETG is an established engineering supplier headquartered in the UK, active since 1972, which means that our industry knowledge and experience is truly unbeatable. Our sought-after bespoke robots are only one part of what we do and we’re continually expanding our operations. 

In fact, we opened a facility in Hefei in China in September 2018 in order to further improve the service we provide to our Chinese customers. Our talented and hard-working team members possess a great passion for what they do, always aiming to build a long-term relationship with each and every client. 

As soon as you feel ready to get the ball rolling on your project, you’re encouraged to reach out to us by using one of the contact methods that we have outlined below. We look forward to hearing from you soon and not just meeting but exceeding your expectations!