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Automation System Manufacturing

Are you looking to fully automate your manufacturing processes? Perhaps you’ve already taken the plunge but wish to now upgrade your current setup. Whatever the case may be, here at ETG, we’re the leading manufacturer of industrial automation systems. When it comes to automation system manufacturing, we establish the most effective processes and greatly enhance productivity and efficiency. If you’d like to enquire further, simply call us on 02476 428 500. 

The Number One Automated System Manufacturing Experts 

When it comes to automation system manufacturing, assembly tooling, specialpurpose machinery, and single and multi-robotic cells, you won’t find a more accomplished team than ours. Here at ETG, we’ve been assisting businesses spanning multiple sectors, from automotive to aerospace, medical and OEM for the last 48 years. If you’re looking for the most advanced manufacturing technologies, we’re the company to best understand and deliver on your requirements. 

From simple jigs to fixtures and fully automated assembly systems, our automated manufacturing team are a cut above the rest. Because we work directly with our clients throughout the process, we’re able to anticipate their needs and devise appropriate solutions. If you would like to learn more about how we do this as well as what we have to offer, keep reading. 

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Discover the Benefits of Our Automation System Manufacturing Service 

The ETG team are adept at delivering automated system manufacturing solutions which are entirely bespoke. If you require a cost-effective solution for assembly lines, cells, and machines, make us your first port of call and take full advantage of our years of engineering experience. We’ll start by meeting with you for an informal face-to-face discussion. This will enable us to take down all the important information concerning your request and requirements. 

The next step is to assign an Expert project manager who will take your order and ensure that it’s delivered on time and in full. They’ll communicate with you directly, plan, and organise how and when the work will be carried out. They’ll also liaise with the team creating your automation system manufacturing technologies, ensuring that everything progresses smoothly. 

Our Capabilities 

Thanks to our impressive automated manufacturing expertise, we’re able to take on a wide range of requests, including: 

  • Full Production Systems 
  • SpecialPurpose Machinery 
  • Contract Manufacture Systems 
  • Packaging Machinery 
  • Robotic Processes (riveting, welding, joining, etc.) 
  • And Much More! 

Only at ETG do we deliver incredible automation system manufacturing technologies which are entirely customer and product-driven. Our approach is to design each innovation with specification and the end results in mind. As well as satisfying your specification, we also strive to make it possible to integrate proprietary technology as well as combine different technologies to achieve different outcomes. 

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Ultimately, we develop the best automated solution for the request at hand. If you think that this is something your business could greatly benefit from, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no risk in enquiring. We offer FREE, no-obligation consultations and quotes with no pressure on your part to commit. 

Suppose you wish to find out more about us as a company. That information can be found below or by calling ETG directly. 

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Contact Us

Are you now convinced that we’re the right automation system manufacturing company to be calling? If so, phone ETG today on 02476 428 500. You can also reach out to us by filling out our online contact form with your name, email, company name, and a short message, and we’ll be in touch. 

Why Come to Us for Automated Manufacturing Solutions? 

From SCARA robots to blood sampling machinery, here at ETG, we’re a global organisation committed to devising technologies that span numerous industries. We’ve been in operation since 1972, and over the last 48 years, we’ve made it our mission to be the most respected engineering supplier here in the UK. We’re proud to be ISO-9001 accredited, ensuring that our automation system manufacturing solutions are always of the highest standard. 

Not only that, but our team of talented and highly trained professionals are genuinely passionate about what we do. They strive to build a strong partnership with each of our clients, maintaining lasting relationships that enable us to effortlessly tackle projects, large and small. They have access to CNC machining centres, design suites, and temperature-controlled optical laser inspection facilities. 

So, no matter what the customer’s requirements might be, rest assured that the ETG team can handle them.