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Automated Presses

Welcome to ETG! We are one of the leading automated presses systems providers here in the UK. Our team of press automation systems specialists are one of a kind and are guaranteed to take your next press automation project to the next level. The robotic welding services we provide here at ETG are also some of the best you can obtain here in the UK. 

Here at ETG, we are some of the most highly established and highly regarded local press automation and robotic welding system providers. Our many years of service in the business of supplying press automation and robotic welding solutions have taught us a great deal about catering to different customers’ needs. 

The Best Press Automation Services 

The manufacturing technologies we supply our customers with here at ETG are entirely bespoke and are specifically catered to answering all the needs of our different clients. We aim at solving all of our clients’ problems in the most efficient and optimised strategies that have been developed to this day.  

Here at ETG, we strive towards opening new horizons within the automation sector. Our team aims at broadening our efficient measures in order to optimise the ways in which we solve chronic problems. With our automation solutions, what problems that were once impossible are now entirely manageable. Automatic press solutions are at the heart of what we do here at ETG, and we aim at making them entirely accessible to each and every client seeking them. 

The range of press automation solutions we offer here at ETG have already been visualised, designed, and even implemented. We are pioneers in reinventing what efficient solutions mean in the realm of press and robotic automation. Our team of experts are guaranteed to have all the expertise and competence needed in order to deliver all what our different customers need.

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Automated Press Solutions   

Here at ETG, we are committed to assigning each and every project we undertake to a respective specialised Project Manager. We are firm believers in the true necessity of having a dedicated Project Manager who would localise time and effort into the sole aim of organising projects towards perfection. 

Our Project Managers will make sure to communicate the multiple aspects that go into every project we undertake here at ETG. We are certain that through this practice, each and every one of our clients would be getting the best service they can receive. Your designed Project Manager will make sure to coordinate every aspect going into your project in addition to the when’s and how’s of all the included parts. They will also guarantee that your next project runs as smoothly as possible and commences within the set time limit. 

Whether you need some low-volume production machines or high-volume production machine that would fully automate your production facility, we are the team of professionals for the job. Rest assured that the complexity and size of your future projects would not be a concern when you choose to work with us here at ETG. 

Our team of professional engineers are experts when it comes to process engineering and have the entire set of knowledge needed in order to optimise the efficiency and decrease the wastefulness of our project operations. Our team are experts in delivering cyclegrams that are exquisitely precise in addition to the documentation services that every operation needs in order to run smoothly. 

What is an Automated Press?  

In order to move on to discussing what automated pressing solutions can offer us, we have to first discuss what an automated press is. To do that, we must first draw a comparison between automatic and traditional presses and how much an automatic press offered by ETG would truly optimise your business.  

What an automated press holds in potential and possibilities is truly limitless. The basic mechanism of action of presses includes using high pressure in order to deform a workpiece through applying the pressure by two dies that are opposite to each other in position and direction. These presses we have described can exist in numerous forms and are reliant on the shape of the utilised workpiece.  


ETG brushing pressing

As an example, here in the automation manufacturing business, we extensively utilise punch presses, press brakes, shop presses, and many more types of presses in order to efficiently solve daily problems. The sole common factor between manual and automatic presses is the fact that they both utilise high pressures in order to deform items. However, the fact still stands that the press machine design itself would be insufficient in its manual form to be catering to massive demand increases.  

Here at ETG, we were able to locate the factors in which traditional presses appeared to be inefficient. Not only that, but we were also able to elaborate upon these inefficiencies and even optimise them into elements we are now happy working with. Every type of press is usually comprised of two sides of opposing heavy dies that are the basic components of any press contraption.  

The pressure supplied by the two dies colliding is the key element that contributes to deforming the material into whatever shape it is intended to be turned into. In order to produce different intended shapes, an automation pressing facility must change the press dies it would be utilising.  

Automated Press Solutions  

The automated press solutions we offer here at ETG are guaranteed to be some of the best automation solutions any of our customers can find here in the UK and even in all of Europe. Here at ETG, we are committed to treating the smallest of our robotic automation projects just as intricately as we would treat one of our biggest press automation clients. 

When you choose to work with our team of experts here at ETG, you will immediately be assigned a project manager who would be taking care of the entire coordination process when it comes to all your future projects. We believe that utilising this system within our operations would contribute to reducing error margins in addition to optimising the speed and efficiency in which we operate. When you decide to entrust our team of professionals here at ETG with your projects, rest assured that the complexity and size of your operations would not matter. 

In the case that you are still operating within the early exploration phase of your new conception or design, you have done the right thing by seeking us out here at ETG. One of our biggest aims is adding benefit into these types of sectors and startup ventures in order to add great value to their systems and processes. The extensive range of engineering services we offer here at ETG are guaranteed to be the best fit for all kinds of industrial utilities.  

Press Automation   

Our team of professionals here at ETG have managed to accumulate many years of experience in offering the best press automation and manufacturing services the UK as to offer. We offer many extensive types of automatic presses that include air over oil, the pneumatic, and servo press machines. Each different type of press has its different set of capacities and is custom-designed for numerous different purposes. 

The factors that differ between different automatic press machines are the different control capabilities in addition to the ranges of pressure. The initial step to undertake before delving deep into the design phase of your next project is assessing why you would need an automatic press machine primarily. This is extremely important in order for us to assess what you would be needing in terms of variable velocities, press analysis, and force feedback.    

Automated Presses for Manufacturers   

Here at ETG, we know that all kinds of manufacturers tend to want to deviate from outsourcing their production lines to numerous different suppliers. Outsourcing these tasks can usually get very time-consuming and burdens manufacturers with the unnecessary hassle. However, you can now rest assured that through working with us here at ETG, all your automated pressing needs will be taken care of entirely from start to finish. 

Our team of automated press professionals can now offer to provide you with servo-electric or pneumatic presses that would act as some of the best integrated solutions for your systems. Working with us here at ETG means that you would not be working with any other supplier for any of your new projects. We aim at enabling you to dedicate all your resources and energy towards increasing the production of your business.  

Through our flawless process, we have helped countless business optimise their innovative productions into exceeding their very own annual revenue. The feed systems we offer to build here at ETG are entirely bespoke and include straighteners and servo-feeds, machine trending systems, and even fast die replacement systems with robotic arms. The automation solutions we deliver are entirely custom-tailored to meet the personal needs of each and every client we encounter.  

Our team of seasoned professionals here at ETG are committed to understanding every one of our clients’ visions and goals before getting started with the design phase of the project. After we ensure that our clients are happy with the plan we have set out, we would aim to agree on the accurate specifications and get the design process running. 

Working with a company like ours here at ETG means that you can rest assured knowing that only the finest set of materials and equipment would be going into your new project. The durability and long term strength of your new project is one of our utmost priorities here at ETG.  

We will start designing mechanical parts and will assemble them virtually on Catia V5/V6 and SolidWorks once we agree on the planned design and its specifications. Thanks to our software skills, we are able to accurately assess design risk and conduct an ergonomic simulation for your new automated product.  

Bespoke Robotics

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If you have been looking for the perfect automation experts to assist you with all your robotic welding needs, then ETG is the team you want to have at your side. Our team of welding automation specialists are dedicated to meeting each and every one of our clients’ needs to the best of their abilities.  

Ever since being first founded in 1972, our welding specialists have been tending to the welding needs of countless of our customers. We have contributed to enhancing the welding facilities of countless of businesses with the help of our stellar range of manufacturing services. 

Our continuous standards of welding services have earned us an ISO-9001 accreditation, and we only aim at maintaining it. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team of welding specialists for any inquiries you might have. Call us now at 02476 428 500 or email us at and our team will be right there to help. 

Automation Solutions 

Here at ETG, we believe that automated solutions are the next best thing on the market. Automated solutions are simply revolutionising the way we view manufacturing and welding robotics. Our team at ETG, we are dedicated to assessing and spotting discrepancies that even the most experienced of automation engineers would not be able to spot. The level of expertise we have accumulated over our many years of experience are guaranteed to offer your business solutions that would take it to the next level.

Our cross-functional team of professionals here at ETG are dedicated to work alongside one another in complete harmony in order to offer each and every one of our customers with the best automation solutions they can get here in the UK. Our team of electrical and mechanical engineering experts are guaranteed to integrating both their independent systems in order to give birth to some of the most innovative of automation solutions.

Prior to initiating the design phase for your new project, our team of expert engineers will have a conversation with you in order to understand and assess what it is that you most need. We will then align your vision for your new project with our set of exquisite services and resources we offer here at ETG in order to start with the execution phase. Our team of engineering experts are guaranteed to deliver solutions that realistically work, and not only ones that sound good on paper.

Flexible Automation

The flexible automation processes and systems we supply our clients with here at ETG are acutely and exclusively designed to meet the current and the future prospective needs of the market. Our team believes in providing our solutions with the future flexibility they need to flourish within any setting they are placed within.

Here at ETG, we utilise digital simulation tools such as the Digital Twin in order to create an agile product that would fit each and every one of our clients’ different needs. We are firm advocates for Simultaneous Engineering here at ETG, and we aim to deliver ongoing upgrades throughout the lifetime of your new product.

High Speed Automation Assembly

The assembly platforms we follow here at ETG are acutely and exclusively configured in a way that would suit the application of which they are meant for. We have even invested the time and effort into making our platforms fit to accommodate a number of electromagnetic or standard indexing systems.

The automation solutions we provide for our customers here at ETG are entirely scalable. We offer a virtually limitless number of processes that span over a whole production floor, all of which are at our customers’ disposal. 

Our systems and solutions are entirely built to support GAMP validation. Our processes are fit to the qualifications of ISO13485:2016 and FDA -Quality System QSR 21 CFR820 standard.  

Other Sectors  

In addition to the automation sector, our team of experts can also help develop, build, and deploy projects across many other business sectors. Some of these sectors would include the medical healthcare field, aerospace, automotive, and the modular field. In the case that you would be interested in learning more about the fields mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our set of services. 

 Strategic Manufacturing Partner 

Here at ETG, we are dedicated to offering all our clients the most advanced build to print services and equipment they can get here in the UK. Our team of experts are seasoned specialists in the field of providing design and obsolescence improvement recommendations in addition to refining production processes of different automation projects.  

Our team firmly believes that onshoring, or regional manufacturing agility, is increasingly important. Here at ETG, we have managed to amass some of the greatest supply chains and facilities within Europe, China, the Americas, and even the UK. 

The design and implementation process of solutions that are tailored and catered to all of our customers’ needs is at the center of what we do here at ETG. We have managed to acquire a team of cross-functional individuals who are more than capable of developing and delivering a fully extensive engineering solution to every need of yours.  

The automated systems we utilise encompass both single and multiple automation systems. We can also include palletised indexing systems that enable us to mass manufacture products for clients who need to do so. Our team of experts is guaranteed to be able to integrate and deliver all your projects in no time. 

Digital Product Development and Product Testing Inspection 

Here at ETG, we work in close collaboration with some of the leading digital automation specialists here in the UK. Before we start with real life trials for your new project or products, our R&D team will assist you with the digital production and process development. We have found this process to be greatly efficient in focusing investments in addition to reducing development time.  

Here at ETG, we value our inspection process over any other regard. We aim at delivering the most comprehensive set of services by allowing them to be thoroughly inspected through a thermally-regulated inspection facility. Our main site in Coventry is more than ready to welcome all your post-implementation needs.