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Automated Glazing

Are you looking for highly respected and knowledgeable professionals in automated glazing? Well, ETG should be your first point of call. We provide a range of industrial automation systems for the manufacturing industry. Our team will work closely with you to make sure every element of your project meets your requirements and specifications. To find out more information, give us a call on 02476 428 500. 

Automation Solutions Fit for Customer Purpose 

Automation glazing is something that is sought after in many manufacturing industries, particularly in the automotive sector. The process involves building and fitting glass panels or windows, eliminating the need for human workmanship. By opting for this, your process will run smoother and you will reduce the risk of human error. 

Here at ETG, we have worked with many clients looking for automated glazing systems. In any project that we take on, we ensure that each aspect is tailored to the clients request. While some of the fundamentals of our systems are the same, certain fixtures and elements are different depending on the type of glazing and industry. 

Get In Touch

When you come to us for automation solutions, you will be working with a designated Project Manager. They will plan the work and organise how and when it will be completed. You will also be put in direct content with them and they will liaise with you throughout the project. By working to a strict timeline, we can make sure that the engineering process runs smoothly. 

Our automation glazing systems are designed to integrate proprietary technology to meet specifications, and they are flexible in nature. This allows us to combine various technologies to achieve the best results. Rest assured, your input is valuable so you will be kept abreast of all developments over the course of the project. 


Our Many Automation Systems 

Automated glazing is one of many areas within the automotive industry that we can help with. With our dedicated team of engineers and managers, we have been able to deliver projects from concept through to completion. No request is too small or too large for us to take on thanks to our expertise and advanced technologies.

At this moment, you may require glazing systems, but you should consider us for all manner of automation solutions. As a company, our professionals have developed a range of systems that have helped enhance automotive processes. Some of the many systems we have designed and built include the following: 

  • Automated Product Assembly 
  • Semi and Fully-Automated Parts Assembly 
  • Robotic Processes 
  • Assembly Tooling 
  • Special Purpose Machining 
  • Reprogramming Systems and More! 

 The purpose of all of our systems, whether it be full assembly lines or automation glazing, is to improve your manufacturing processes. With our assistance, you will be able to increase productivity and eliminate the risk of human error. All of our solutions are designed to demonstrate pinpoint precision and accuracy. 

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Contact Us

For more information about our automated glazing solutions or other services, please call 02476 428 500. You can also provide details of your project by sending an email to or you can fill in our online form. 

Why Come to Us for Automated Glazing Solutions? 

ETG was established in 1972 as an engineering supplier in the UK. Since then, we have been providing bespoke services to clients all around the world. Such is the quality of our automated glazing and many other systems, we have become the go-to company for the automotive industry. 

In addition to delivering automated glazing processes to vehicle manufacturers, we also specialise in other industries. For example, we have solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as aerospace and the food and beverage markets. No project is too much for us to take on!