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Assembly Machines

Here at ETG, we offer bespoke solutions to companies looking to automate their processes. Our assembly machines greatly enhance productivity as well as precision, speed, and repeatability. By automating processes, you’ll also be offsetting human error which results in production issues. Our solutions are entirely tailored to your needs and budget, so don’t hesitate to call us on 02476 428 500 if you require an automated solution.

Professionally Designed and Built Assembly Systems

Many companies nowadays are run on automation with tasks performed by assembly machines to greatly reduce construction time while yielding many benefits. At ETG, we specialise in designing and building such systems and are keen to work with any business looking to implement these cutting-edge solutions. With an automated process, precision is greatly increased as is repeatability. We supply the tools and equipment businesses need to thrive in the 21st-century.

The purpose of production lines is that they can support different types of machine, each carrying out a different assigned function. Assembly automation is commonplace for manufacturing large-scale, but it is also just as capable of adapting to small-scale construction too. Our team can engineer each machine to perform its set goal before moving the product along to the next stage of the assembly line.

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Once a product has been manufactured, the machines can then quickly reset in time to begin producing the next product on the assembly line. Not only can CNC drilling machines produce things at a quicker rate, but they can perform tasks that humans are not capable of. Mistakes are less likely to occur too, making assembly machines an integral part of any manufacturing process.

Assembly Automation Made Easy

Whatever solution it is you seek; you only have to pick up the phone and give Expert a call. We’ll discuss your requirements and assign a project manager to oversee the job to completion. Whenever our clients require new technologies, we’re always more than happy to deliver, from SCARA robots to other types of assembly machines. And no matter the size of your request, you can rest assured that we’re equipped to handle it.

As mentioned above, a typical production line consists of countless assembly systems, all designed to perform specific functions. No matter which of these systems you require, know that Expert are happy to deliver. Just some of the creative solutions we can come up with are listed below:

  • Robotic Systems
  • Semi and Fully Automated Parts
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Contract Manufacture Systems
  • Fully Automated Glazing Solutions
  • And More!
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We’ll work with you from the get-go, ensuring that everything is designed and built to your specifications and timescales. With our project manager in play, you can also be assured that you’ll receive the answer to your questions, whenever they should arise. Once your new assembly machines are built, they’ll be delivered to your site where we can even help you to get them set up.

Our automated solutions are designed to be intuitive, easy-to-use, and so making them useful to any member of your team. If, however, you should have any questions, you can always call Expert on 02476 428 500.

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If your business requires new assembly machines, give ETG a call to arrange a face-to-face discussion. Phone us on 02476 428 500 or complete our online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

Why Come to ETG for Assembly Machines?

In 1972, ETG was founded, and for the last 48 years, we’ve worked closely with clients spanning multiple industries. From OEM sectors to Blue Chip companies, if you require assembly systems to automate your processes, we’ve got you covered. We’re always delving into the latest advanced manufacturing technologies, making us the company to call for automation services.

But our service doesn’t just stop at assembly automation. Expect impeccable service from us as strive to strike up long-standing relationships that ultimately prove highly productive for all concerned. We never process with a project until we have a full understanding of the client’s needs and requirements. And we always work in-line with the established budget.

As a company, we’re entirely flexible, able to adapt to whatever it is you need us to do. Plus, as a company, we carry accreditations with both CHAS and UKAS. This should serve as further proof as to why we’re the team to call for any automated solution.