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Assembly line Systems

Expert Technologies Group, an established and highly respected engineering supplier, pioneers bespoke assembly line solutions that redefine efficiency and precision. With a commitment to excellence, our assembly line systems elevate productivity while minimising costs. Discover how our tailored solutions can transform your manufacturing processes. Call us today on +44 (0247) 6428500 to unlock your production potential.

About Our Assembly Automation Solutions

Our assembly automation solutions stand as a testament to precision and innovation. We specialise in customised automated systems that cater to diverse industries. From conceptual design to installation and service packages, Expert Technologies Group offers an integrated turnkey engineering service.

With extensive experience in delivering solutions for complex, high-end automation projects, our expertise spans multiple market sectors. Our assembly systems, assembly lines, and workstation assembly solutions redefine productivity, providing efficient, automated production.

Our assembly line systems include:

  • Single and Multiple Robotic Automation Systems
  • Rotary Indexing Systems
  • Assembly Lines
  • Palletised Systems and Indexing Systems

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Single and Multiple Robotic Automation Systems

Single and multiple robotic automation systems are the cornerstone of modern manufacturing, revolutionising industries with their precision and versatility. These robotic systems find widespread application in welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, pick and place, packaging, labelling, palletising, product inspection, and testing. Their capabilities are characterised by high endurance, speed, and unmatched precision.

In the realm of assembly automation, these systems are indispensable. Whether it’s in-line assembly, workstation assembly, or automated production, these machines excel in their ability to enhance productivity and accuracy.

Rotary Indexing Systems

Rotary indexing systems are the backbone of efficient assembly automation. These systems offer a straightforward solution for transporting components between assembly and testing stations. The versatility of rotary indexers allows for both synchronous and asynchronous machine configurations, depending on specific process and throughput requirements.

The motion in rotary indexing systems can be driven directly by a servo motor or a fixed-speed motor equipped with a speed reducer and cam-controlled index box. In select applications, the use of a servo motor offers the advantage of discrete station control and enhanced flexibility.

Bespoke Robotics

Assembly Lines

Our assembly lines are the culmination of extensive development across various automation platforms. Whether it’s rotary or in-line assembly systems, each machine is crafted with our customers’ unique requirements in mind.

Our profound industry knowledge has driven us to create a diverse range of manufacturing platforms, with a strong focus on adhering to industry standards. This emphasis on standardisation enables us to streamline the manufacturing process, significantly reducing time to market for our clients.

Palletised Systems and Indexing Systems

Palletised systems and indexing systems represent the pinnacle of assembly automation efficiency. These conveyors are ideally suited for medium to high-speed automation scenarios. In situations where intricate assembly processes or a high part count are involved, these platforms offer the flexibility to accommodate multiple workstations in parallel.

These assembly systems provide an expansive workspace that enhances productivity and streamlines automated production processes. Palletised and indexing conveyors are the go-to choice for achieving precision, speed, and efficiency in assembly lines, making them indispensable components in the world of cutting-edge automation solutions.

Other Automation Solutions Available

In addition to our renowned assembly line automation solutions, we extend our expertise to a range of other automation solutions. Our other services include:

  • Standard Platform
  • Robotic Experience
  • Special Purpose Machinery
  • Vertical Farming

Standard Platform

Our standard platforms epitomise efficiency and adaptability in assembly systems. These platforms are designed to expedite project completion and empower customers to swiftly adjust their production processes to market changes and demand fluctuations. Thanks to their standard design, modularity, and high flexibility, our standard platforms offer a managed return on capital investment while maintaining precision and quality.

Robotic Experience

Our robotic experience encompasses a wide range of automation solutions designed to boost productivity and enhance performance. From 4 and 6 Axis Industrial Robots to Collaborative Robots, Cartesian Robots, Delta Robots, and Vision Guided Robots, our expertise covers an array of cutting-edge robotic technologies. These solutions seamlessly integrate into various assembly lines, offering precision and efficiency that elevate automated production processes to new heights.

Special Purpose Machinery

Special-purpose machinery plays a pivotal role in enhancing assembly automation. These custom machines are tailored to meet specific production needs, ensuring precision, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it’s workstation assembly, automated production, or testing automation, these purpose-built machines are the cornerstone of modern manufacturing, elevating productivity across various industries.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming offers a sustainable solution to the growing demand for reliable food production while addressing the environmental and space constraints of traditional farming methods. Through advanced automation, we deliver comprehensive solutions for seeding, germination, irrigation, day-to-night processes, cutting, and packing. Building management systems efficiently control temperature, humidity, and irrigation, revolutionising the future of agriculture.

Why Choose Us for Assembly Lines Solutions?

When considering assembly line solutions, Expert Technologies Group emerges as the premier choice. Our expertise in assembly systems, automation, and innovative solutions positions us at the forefront of the industry.

With a wealth of experience, we deliver customised assembly lines and automation products, ensuring seamless and efficient production processes. Our commitment to precision and cutting-edge technology makes us the preferred partner for assemblyline solutions. For detailed insights and bespoke solutions, our production line designers are available to craft the perfect assembly line to meet your specific needs.

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