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Assembly Automation

Providing custom automated solutions is at the heart of what we do. At ETG, we offer a totally integrated full turnkey engineering service providing in‐house expertise from conceptual design and process flow through to installation and service packages.

We have a wealth of experience in conceiving and delivering solutions for complex, high-end automation projects across many market sectors, enabling us to knowledge transfer across multiple disciplines.

ETG PLC Can Offer:

  • Single and Multiple Robotic Automation Systems
  • Assembly Lines
  • Palletised Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Semi-Automatic Assembly

Single and Multiple Robotic Automation Systems

Typical applications of these types of robotic systems include welding, painting, assembly, disassembly, pick and place, packaging and labelling, palletising, product inspection as well as testing. All of these are accomplished with high endurance, speed and precision.

ETG single and multiple robotic automation

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Rotary Indexing Systems

Rotary indexers provide the simplest means of transport between assembly and test stations. A machine built around a rotary indexer can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on process and throughput requirements.

Rotary indexing motion can be powered directly by a servo motor or a fixed speed motor through a speed reducer and cam-controlled index box. For some applications, a servo motor can be used to provide a discrete number of stations or generally greater flexibility.

Whether standard rotary dial, double dial, precision ring, multi-tier dial or trunnion mount configuration, rotary index systems provide precision, simplicity, low cost and a small footprint.

Assembly Lines

ETG’s assembly line solutions come from our extensive development of several different automation platforms. Whether rotary or in-line, each machine is designed with our customers’ requirements in mind.

Our extensive industry knowledge has led us to develop a range of manufacturing platforms, basing strong emphasis on using standards to help us focus more on the manufacturing process and reduce our time to market.

ETG assembly lines
ETG palletised systems

Please contact the ETG team to discuss your requirements.

Palletised Systems and Indexing Systems

Palletised conveyors and indexing conveyors are particularly well-suited to medium and high-speed automation. Wherever a high part count or assembly process complexity is involved, these platforms provide sufficient space to fit multiple stations side by side.

As the tooling is located along the linear sections of the conveyor, machines with this type of transport media have excellent visibility and provide good access for maintenance.

Whether driven by a cam-controlled indexer or servomotor, the fixtures are advanced with precision. Typically, no extra hardware is required to locate fixtured parts before an operation is initiated.

Depending on your project requirements, we can deliver one of our standard platforms, or a customized solution based on precision belt or chain indexers.

Vision Systems

Through various methodologies, we use experienced machine vision engineering capabilities to enhance systems to their full potential. By implementing well-designed vision systems, machine process control and feedback are enhanced to provide the data needed to automate most processes.

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