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Aperture Gauges

Are you in the market of manufacturing equipment that incorporates aperture gauges? Or maybe you manufacture the gauges separately. Perhaps your existing processes are falling short of the mark, and you’re looking to upgrade them. Here at ETG, we specialise in the creation of advanced manufacturing technologies. Through automated processes, your operations will be greatly enhanced. To find out more, give us a call on 02476 428 500.

The Number One Provider of Bespoke Tooling Options

Here at ETG, we’re all too aware of the importance of having solid parts and components that can be engineered to spec and on time. We’re also acutely aware that many clients require automated solutions as these help to expedite the manufacturing process. Such solutions also serve to improve overall efficiency and accuracy across the board. And all these solutions, such as those for manufacturing aperture gauges, are entirely bespoke.

From concept to design, manufacturing, and delivery, you can expect nothing less than stellar results. Thanks to our experience in multiple industries and our focus on the working environment, tolerances, volumes, the customer experience, and their needs, we engineer the best bespoke solutions around. We also welcome your involvement as we strive to design processes for manufacturing bespoke gauges while eliminating the need (mostly) for manual tools.

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Engineer Aperture Gauges Faster

When engineering any jigs or fixtures, it’s important to note two things – 1. Accuracy and repeatability, and 2. The operators understanding and use of the solution over its working life. Such solutions will produce many gains in terms of productivity and quality. So long as the bespoke tooling options are developed with the user in mind, these gains are there to be had. That’s why at ETG, we always offer tailored solutions.

We’re in the business of supplying OEMs and even some global leaders with everything they need to manufacture all sorts of parts and components, including aperture gauges. We’re in a prominent market position, so you can be assured that no matter your request; we’ll be able to handle it. Every project will be overseen by a project manager who will liaise with you throughout and oversee the timely completion.

We regularly provide global tooling solutions for bespoke gauges, including:

  • PCF Tooling
  • Ring Gauges
  • CMM Fixtures
  • Setting Fixtures

And, of course, aperture gauges. Plus, thanks to our 3D engineering capabilities, we’ve taken our whole production process one stage further.

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3D Printing – The Future of Advanced Manufacturing

The world of design and manufacture is changing, thanks in part to the introduction of 3D printing, or additive manufacturing. Such technologies are incredibly advanced, allowing for complex geometries previously impossible by any other means. 3D printing technology can be used to create functional prototypes quickly and even manufacture full production parts.

All parts are high in detail and boast outstanding strength, making them suitable for use in their intended applications. Our printers can even handle very specific requests. For instance, we can print parts using nylon with carbon fibre embedded in the base material. We can also print parts with carbon fibre strands for added strength or even Kevlar, which offers excellent wear properties. Whatever you need us to do, ETG can handle it!

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Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you with aperture gauges? Then get in touch with ETG today by calling us on 02476 428 500.

When You Need Bespoke Gauges, Come to ETG

Since 1972, ETG has been driving innovation across multiple sectors. We’re proud suppliers to clients working in the automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, FMCG, and OEM sectors, who’ve greatly benefitted from our advanced manufacturing technologies. Not only can we take on projects of all shapes and sizes, but we also strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Such relationships make us that much more successful at what we do.

Whether you’re looking for automated processes to help you manufacture aperture gauges, or for someone to manufacture these gauges for you; we have you covered. We always strive to fully understand your needs, so you can be assured of hitting your deadlines moving forward. Our goal is always to provide the right solutions that improve both speed and efficiency. It’s why we’ve become such a prominent choice for bespoke tooling.